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Amsterdam, another installment


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Hot Damn! Day 5 and I'm still alive! :28: One of my bitches about Amsterdam is that there are so many coffee shops it's harder than hell to get to them all. 5 days just isn't enough time. Well, I've still got today. 2 pots of coffee and a shower later, I'm out on the canal ready to prowl. 1st stop...down to Leidesplein and the De Rokerij coffee shop. It was a nice place with good smoke, fun decor and a large menu. The hot chocolate was good and there were friendly people there even though it was rather early.

I spent a good hour or so talking over the positives and negatives of reefer with a couple of women from New Mexico. They seemed to know exactly what they were talking about too. They also spoke of fine Mexican, just killer stuff, super cheap where they're from. Just another place I need to go visit. What a lot of information for me to digest. I'm learning so much about smoke it's almost scary. I must be really backward, I didn't hardly know any of this stuff, it's so high tech.

Out of De Rokerts and on to the Rookies. This place was jammin' and jammed to the rafters. It was so busy I couldn't get waited on . Everyone was working just as hard as the could, so maybe next time. It's now about 1:30 and I stop at a pastry shop for a bite to eat. The apple strudel was to die for, just heavenly. Probably 8 million calories and worth every damn one.

After all that wonderful sugar and with a lovely buzz on I decided to start walking towards the Central Station area. There are coffee shops there I haven't tried yet. Besides, I want to walk and take in this beautiful city for as long as I possibly can. I have to go back home tomorrow so I need to load up on memories today.

The sun is shining softly, the people bustling about so full of life. Such an old city, but still vital. Sparkling canals , charming arched bridges everywhere, narrow buildings with tops like birthday cakes. I'll never forget the ambiance of this place. It's so European!

At around 3:00 I came at last to the famous Barnies. I love you Barnies! I walked in the door and before I could walk 2 feet was being vaporized and vaporized...good gravy. I got my goodies and staggered over to a table at the front and oozed into a seat, still being followed by the vaporizer bandit. I call him this because he stole my breath and heart away. Bless yah, honey, what a wonderful smoke, yum, yum. Barnies is one to the several reasons I couldn't live in Amsterdam. I'd never get out the door to work.


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if you havent realized it i have kept up on your entire trip, and can only wait till i can take the trip myself.

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It is very generous of you to take us along on your trip. It is quiet enjoyable.

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I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your trip! Your descriptions make me feel like I'm right there with you! Thanks for sharing!
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