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Amsterdam, The Whole Trip


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You asked for it, you get it...in reply to some requests here it the whole trip in one read. Enjoy:peace:

A Big Girls Trip To Amsterdam

I've been yacking and bitchin' for at least 5 years about going to Amsterdam.. You know how it is, something is always coming up and getting in the way. Finally along about July or August, I decided to get up off me arse and do it! My husband wasn't very interested in going, he's a nonsmoker. But he doesn't have a big problem with my going alone, knowing I'm fairly street smart.

So - I started looking on line. After checking out several vacation sites, I decided to make my own trip! It worked out well. Good prices, for Amsterdam at least, and good places.

Living in a warm climate for years and avoiding cold weather at all cost, I didn't have any cold weather clothes. Amsterdam in November is definitely not tropical. It gave me an excuse to go shopping. I'm not a big shopper, but I'm still enough of a feminine woman to enjoy a good shopping spree. A hooded coat with matching gloves and scarf followed me home. Also some new shirts, a couple of which showed a bit of boobie. I'm a big grown up girl and I like it. Just because I'm in my 40's doesn't mean I don't have boobs to die for. So there!

Even going through the final check list it didn't seem real in a way. Passport, Plane tickets, room reservation, all there. On the way to the airport the self doubt set in, "what the hell am I doing"? Going to Amsterdam! By myself! First time out of the U. S. of A! Hey girl, calm down, you're gonna have a good time, meet new folks, see new things, learn about reefer.

Yes! That's right, learn about smoke. I've been an enjoyer for a lot of years and have smoked a lot of different types, but I don't know diddly about it. So I figure that a trip to Amsterdam is an excellent crash course with a lot of fringe benefits. Cool people with budage and knowledge, doing cool stuff in a relaxed place. Do something for yourself for a change! And away we go!


Reality set in on the plane in the form of the tiny seats in coach. Eeek! Built apparently for somebody 5 ft tall and 100 lb. like the little Scottish girl sitting next to me, not my 5'8" 150 ish lb.. I'll just squish her a bit. She's a dear thing and talks my arm off for about 2 hr. before falling asleep. The only problem is that I didn't understand a damn thing she said.

Ten long hours later we're coming into Amsterdam. I stopped feeling my legs and Ass 5 hours ago, so I am ready to get off this plane now. It wasn't all bad, I think we got food and water. I was able to watch the Simpson's movie on the way. The flight attendants were nice and helpful. They were even more ready to get off the plane than I was.

Off the plane and into the airport I just followed the crowd to the luggage pick up, got my suitcase and began to follow a bunch of people who looked like they were there for the party also. They were, and didn't know where they were going anymore than I did. So much for that. Note to self, don't follow hippies, follow yuppies. Hippies can probably find better reefer, but at least yuppies can find the ticket kiosk to get the hell out of the airport and into town to find the reefer.

I already had Euros with me, so once I found the kiosk it was easy to buy my ticket to Central Station to start the last leg of my trip to reach town. Buildings and flat landscape flashed by the train windows. Bright sun shone down from a bright clear china blue sky dotted with lots of small white skittering clouds. We pull into Amsterdam. A whole new world to explore. I'm ready to party.


From the airport to Central Station was a quick trip, only 15 - 20 min at most. At first I wasn't impressed with the building. It was nice and all, but you can't get the real impact until you are outside looking at it from a distance. Then the full impact of the size and beauty hits you.

Walking out of the station doors I found myself on a square and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the place. There was movement everywhere: people, bikes, buses, trams. Sound washed over me like a wave. Buildings like I've never seen crowded shoulder to shoulder. Old and clean contrasted with new and dirty. Big city, I adore you!

The smell of gas fumes and cinnamon hit my nose. Then my ass hit the ground. I had just been run over by a big idiot on a bicycle. To add insult to injury he cussed me out in Dutch, proving that even the Dutch can come up with a jackass. Things seemed to be going downhill.

Then they went right back up. I felt a gloved, warm hand reach down and help me to my unsteady feet. "May I help you?" spoken in a warm, Dutch accented womans voice. She helped me to a safe place to recover gave me my first lesson about traffic in Amsterdam. Bicycles come first, then trams & buses, followed by pets, cabs and scooters. Dead last are pedestrians. If you are in Amsterdam, watch your step, keep your eyes open and be ready to jump like a bunny on speed.

After I assured her I was fine, she left me to survey my new surroundings. Stories, photos, TV and the movies can't go far enough. You have to see it live and in person. It's so beautiful, so alive. Behind me I could finally see enough of Central Station to get the impact. Wow! Next to me are hundreds of parked bicycles, yikes.

To my left I saw a wonderful thing, a big parade. Thousands of adults and children, laughing and cheering with joy. Being the world's most curious cat I had to go check it out. OK, it's Santa Claus, but who are those hundreds of black guys on roller skates wearing velvet clothes? Something's odd with this picture.

Next to me was a young couple wit a small child, so I asked them to explain. Yes, it was Santa and his helpers, known as "Black Petes". The velvet clothes are medieval costumes, the black faces represent the chimney soot from delivering all the presents to good girls and boys. I guess even Santa out sources these days.

All during my stay I saw Black Petes all over town. They were young people of all groups. Boys and girls of every ethnic group and every social level, brought together by the joy of the holiday.

Being tired from the flight and of hauling my luggage around I decided to find my hotel room. I have a map for all the good that does. Which way to the Singal canal? The young couple pointed my the right direction and encouraged me to walk instead of taking the tram, it being only a 15 minute walk. So off I went in search of my new digs.


I must have followed their directions since I did end up in front of my hotel. It was a gorgeous and confusing walk. Everything looked the same, yet everything was different. Picture postcard shots whichever way you looked. Amsterdam is a walkers paradise if you can dodge the bicycles. Even dragging a suitcase it was one of the most interesting short walks I've ever had. Thank you Amsterdam.

The hotel was a charming old canal house, big windows on the street and flower boxes on all of the windows. It even had heavy wooden two part "Dutch" doors on front. I was expected and they took over the job of toting the suitcase up the steep scary stairs to my room. They also took over the job of thawing me out with a cup of rich, black coffee and almond cookies from the breakfast room.

My home away from home for the next 5 days was up those scary stairs. The first thing to strike me was that most of one wall was a big, old window looking out at the canal. It was framed with lace curtains and had a flower box full of bright yellow flowers. The room clean and pretty, but on the small side. What you should expect in an old building in an old city.

If the room was small, the bathroom was smaller, the smallest I had ever seen. Saved time though, you could take a shower and brush your teeth in the sink all while perched on the john. Laughs aside, there was always plenty of hot water and plenty of fluffy white towels.

After freshening up a bit I was eager to see more of Amsterdam. The sunshine outside the window is calling, I'm on the move. Six blocks and a couple of turns later I am standing in the middle of Dam Square. The monument stood tall and pale in the sun. In front of me are a couple of horse drawn carriages, not getting much business this early in the day. The guy juggling fire and telling jokes has a small, appreciative crowd. A larger crowd stood at the doors to Madame Tussalts Wax Museum. Most of the crowd in the square is moving, so I go with the flow and head toward the lights beckoning me down the shopping lanes on niewenduk. I roll and flow with the crowd, tossed to and fro upon the sea of commerce.

Then I saw a small side road and a shop name on a sign. A name that I recognize from reading up on Amsterdam, the 4:20! I was ready to begin my adventure. I turned and opened the door


No longer a Virgin

Walking in the first thing I noticed was the sweet, fine smell of reefer. Then the dark wood walls and bar. Nice! Behind the busy bar was a young lady. I moseyed over and said in a very cool way, "I need a buzz so bad I cold scream". She directed me to the back where a man was standing behind a low counter. I repeated my plea to this gentleman and he said "Why don't you try a pre-rolled spiff. It's a good combination, smooth and high but not stupid". Oh hell yes! My kind of place!

Paying for and picking up my J, I walked back up front to the bar and ordered a drink. Looking over toward the active window, I saw that there was a low window shelf with a few stools. Two stools were already taken by two young heads, one green haired, one with blue hair, who were busy rolling one up. The third stool was empty, so's I grabbed it and had a sit down. The view out the window was a hoot! Small restaurants and art shops where everywhere, the view highlighted by the ever shifting crowd.

Lighting up and taking a few hits, I was doing just fine. Looking over I nodded hi to the guys on my right. The blue haired guy said hi back and we go to shooting the shit, as people will do. They were from Montana and were in the Dam for a vacation too. They'd been in town for 3 days already and were having a really good time. We go to talking smoke, of course, and I made mention that I was a reefer gal and not a hasher, never even tried the stuff. (I'm such a purist pain in the ass sometimes)

My two companions right then said that before I became too rigid in my outlook I should at least give it a try, that I shouldn't be stuck up. Hey, when you're right, you're right!.

So I was handed a pipe and proceeded to smoke my lungs out, all for a good cause. It was a really good buzz, no doubt, but kind of deep for me. The young buds were truly an excellent first smoking experience, so, happy, high and full of life. Thanks to them I'm no longer a hash virgin. It wasn't painful at all. Thanks, young heads for a wonderful deflowering.


Out the door and on the street, turn left and start looking for a main drag to get me to Central Station. It seems much colder so I wrap my scarf around my neck & head...that's better. Oh, My God! Just look at everything! I'm as high as a Georgia pine! With a zillion lights twinkling all around the view is awesome.

Look, up ahead, a French fry stand, or pomp frits as the locals call them. All of a sudden I'm starving! So I stop and get an order with a spicy Mayo. They were very good. Golden, crisp and hot, everything a potato can aspire to being.

Another very cool coffee shop was the De Tweede Kamer. Not very far from my hotel and cute as hell! It was small and homey with a cool man behind the bar. After sitting for about half an hour talking , buzzing and drinking hot chocolate the barman intrudeced me to a fellow who was a well known photographer specializing in photographing Cannabis. We had a very nice talk about how to get the best results when photographing reefer.

Also I spoke to a couple of women from California. They were telling me about the weed situation there, that there was some totally kicking smoke. They also said things were pretty good so long as you showed some sense about it all. A great attitude, we could use it where I'm from.

At around 11:00 or so I came out of my party stop. It was a bright, clear cold night, the stars shining brightly. So I walked back to my hotel. There were still people out all over the street. I felt perfectly safe and had a fine walk back. At the hotel I opened the main door, locked it behind me and stumbled up those scary assed stairs into my warm room. I put on jammies, drank 3 glasses of water ( I was so dehydrated) laid down in my little bed and was dead to the world. What a day!

I pried open one dry eye, looked out and saw it was 8:30 and raining lightly outside, so my eye closed again. I cat napped until 9:00, forced my self up to the sound of my joints popping and crackling like a bowl of rice crispies on steroids. I'm just not used to walking that much in a day. Oh, and don't forget the 6 hr. time difference between the U. S. of A. and Amsterdam. Ah, the hell with it, get up, take a shower, look in the mirror, scream, get dressed and go downstairs to find some freekin' coffee.

Oh yeah, coffee, coffee, lots of coffee. Make it strong, black and sweet. Two small pots and a piece of pumpkin nut bread with fresh butter. All that helped immensely. Then I wend upstairs, laid back down fully dressed and napped on and off until 12:00. By then the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to peek out, yeah. So up and out into the day.

Now what? Oh yes, a buzz is calling my name. After looking at my cool new map, I decided to try and find the Betty Boop and also walk around a bit in the Dam Square area. Before I could find Betty Boop, I came upon the Home Grown Fantasy Gallery and stopped in to say howdy and see what was going down. Going in, I went up to the counter and bought some of their reefer. Then I went over to a table and rolled one up. While I was rolling I decided to try to remember to pick up a pipe later, but for now it's time to test this smoke. Pretty good, a tiny bit rough but still a fine smoke.

Two guys came over and asked if they could sit down. I knew that in Amsterdam table sharing is very common, so I said "sure, have a sit". One was from Amsterdam, the other from Paris. They spoke about how Paris and Amsterdam were both just all about the money and that it used not to be that way as much as it is now. They seemed to blame it on the Euro. It seems that the majority of the people in Amsterdam miss the days of the Guilder. A very interesting conversation. It's true, you meet so very many different kinds of folks here.

After enjoying a great starter buzz, I hit the door, turned right and true to the map reached the Betty Boop. But first, there's an Argentinean restaurant next door. It looks good too. A man in a white cooks outfit is motioning me over...I'm mesmerized, I'm hungry, I'm caught in his trap. Feed me someone!

The served me sweet beef spare ribs & crunch French fries. The portions were good and the price was also good. Then out one door and into the next, the Betty Boop. It's a nice enough place. I had a good visit there for about an hour.

There's so much to Amsterdam in such a small area. Every small street or alley way is studded with shops, stores and yes, coffee shops galore. I've already found that although I'm still amazed by everything, I'm getting over the information overload a bit. All those lovely little shops in narrow lanes. I couldn't resist. I did remember to buy a pipe.

I had a good conversation with a guy from the Greenhouse about smoke. He explained to me about the lineage and strains that the Greenhouse used. All the while enjoying their fine, fine reefer. I had never used a vaporizer before...is that sweet or what? I learned a good bit there. They were really nice people and good for a buzz every time I walked in the door, thank you.

The Greenhouse...what a cool place! They had an aquarium under the floor, everything was open and bright. Cousin I didn't hardly get I the door and up to the counter to order hot chocolate when an angel appeared with a full vaporizer and proceeded to blow me away. I've been welcomed to a club in a lot of ways in my day but never like this. Hot damn, Amsterdamaged once more.

Finally got my bud and hot chocolate and grabbed a seat. I looked up and there was my vaporizer angel again, intent on melting my brain out my ears and a good job he did too. After an excellent 2 hr. of party, talk, party and fun I floated out into the street in a cloud of joy. Never forget, I love you vaporizer angel.

With a long day behind me and a long one to come, I went back to my crash and did just that...crashed

Not quite as stiff this morning. I got up, dressed and coffeed up to the gills. I was chomping at the bit to get going, must be as mad as a hatter. On the way by 11:00, I walked for about 10 - 15 minutes just sucking in the buildings and wonderful architecture. I came to a coffee shop called Resin. What a grand place to people watch. A very busy area wit people, bikes, trams and such. They had really good smoke and hot chocolate. I sat in the front window and talked to a lady from England. She had been here 16 times, wow. I haven't even been out of my own town that many times altogether. Sweet.

After leaving the Resin, I made my way over to Dam Square and to do a little shopping and site seeing, the usual tourist stuff. There is always something going on here. When I came to Amsterdam I had planned to see museums and such, maybe get a little couth going down. But ever since landing here I have done nothing but walk around and party. So much for art!

Anyway, back to the story. Coming from Dam Square I turned down donstratt until I came to sansi museum coffee shop. Another cool spot. It was crowded , but there was still room if you're were willing to share. I learned quick to table share so that's just what I did. I walked up to a table where there was a nice looking man of around 30 - 40 and asked if he minded my sitting. That's how I met Theo from London, England.

Yes, his name was Theo and he was a sweetie supreme. I got some hot chocolate and sat, loaded my pipe and lit up. Got to talking with my fellow table mate and as do a lot of conversations during my visit, the conversation turned to spiff.

Theo knows his spiff and seemed willing to share his thought with a reefer student. I asked him what type of smoke he thought was the best all around, all the time. After consideration he recommended purple haze, an oldie but goodie and a consistently fine smoke. Then Theo, gentleman that he is, proceeded to roll one up. It was magnificent. Every reefer I smoked during the rest of my visit I compared against that purple haze. Some made it, many didn't.

There's not much I can remember of the rest of the conversation after that purple haze, but I know we had a good time for about an hour. Then I decided to walk some more and enjoy the sunny skies.

On the way I stopped and had a waffle. I enjoyed it even if it could have been a bit fresher. Being high and with a case of the munchies I would have eaten a bicyclist, bike and all and enjoyed it all the same. Still, the waffles were great. Enough about them.

And another question I've got about the visitors to Amsterdam is what happened to all the color? Is it all Goth now? Honestly, I had a very subdued wardrobe for the trip and I stuck out like a bonfire at midnight. The only color I saw in 5 days was me and the drag queens. Honestly, if a black and white blouse is the most colorful thing in the room things are entirely too black. Johnny Cash had a reason, what's with these guys? Maybe I'm giving away my age, but I remember when hippies were artistic, colorful and willing to express their individuality. These guys were afraid to do anything but conform. It's a sad comment on the times.

At 5:00 I walked to my room and cleaned up a bit before heading out in search of adventure. About 5 min. Walk from my hotel is a coffee shop called Dutch Flowers. The view is one of the best in town if not the best. You can sit I the front window at tables and chairs and people watch until you croak. On Singal Canal next to a bridge on a corner. It was just beautiful. The only problem I had with Dutch Flowers was the guy behind the bar. I guess he had the famous Dutch attitude I had heard so much about, chest puffed out, nose in the air. Hey! Jack Ass! Get over yourself, I ain't impressed! After a short talk he got his arse off of the ceiling and started doing his job. We never had any problems after this. I stopped in there quite often during my wanderings and he and I always got along after that.

Then I walked town the Leidsestaat and did some window shopping. They had some of the most amazing shops full of all kinds of interesting things. Having promised to bring some cheese home from the trip, I stopped at a cheese shop. Their cheeses were works of art. True masters had made and aged these masterpieces of milk. I filled up on samples that ran from delicate to OhMyGod.

Next stop Leidseplein and the Dolphins coffee shop. It was on a side street and I passed it right by at first. Found it the second try after back tracking. It was a nice place, like being in a stoned aquarium. Walking in the door and up to the bar, who do I see but Theo. He says "sit down girl", so after getting my smoke and hot chocolate I do just that.

He told me how he had seen some young dude jump into a canal, stoned on 'rooms. They got the goober out and dried off. Theo tells a good story and so do I, so before long we were laughing our asses off...and smoking them off too. Having been to Amsterdam quite a few times he knows how to do the coffee shop crawl. When he invited me to come along and see the sights I said "hell, yeah".

So we floated out of the dolphins and walked into Leidsplein Square at 9:00 at night. The lights were all on. There were performers on stilts! Hot waffles! Sweets stands! And heads, heads everywhere. I'm so in love with this place. It's everything I've heard it was and lots more.

The next place we go to it the Bulldog in Leidsplein Square. The place is Bitchin'. It has the best hot chocolate I ever had. Super good get high too, as well as good music and a good crowd.

Now I must admit that after about 1 ½ to 2 hr. partying at the Bulldog we crawled some more. I'm sure there were at least 3 other places whose names escape me. All I can remember of them is that I had a great time! By 1:00 am I had had all the coffee & cannabis I felt I could take. Kind Theo got me to a tram and on my way home.. What a wonderful evening. Thank you Theo, you are a gentleman of the first order.


The weather is better by noon and so am I. It's now Wednesday, my 4th day in Amsterdam. I walk out the door, take a deep breath of city air and wave at a group of 5 Black Petes walking down the road. What a town.

I head to Dutch Flowers for a spiff of fine Dutch weed and a hot chocolate, the breakfast of champions, no doubt. Sit for half an hour or so wit a table of young people from Scotland. With luck one day I'll make a trip there too. They spoke of the Isle of Sky and Isle of Mann. That's where my family comes from originally a long time ago.

I decided to club crawl for a bit and started at the De Dampkring. The smoke was great but the crowd was way too young for me. I didn't fit in, so I didn't stay long.

Next was the Abrasis. It looked easy to find on the map, but I had a hell of a time finding this place. I wasn't the only one either! I ran into a couple from Arizona who were as lost as I was.

We got tired of walking, so I asked a nice lady on the street. Bless her, she actually took her own time and led us there, now sweet and cool is that! It was crowded on the main floor so my new found friends and I went up a spiral staircase to the 2nd floor handout . There were couches, chairs, low tables, all in all the perfect place to party. They also had wonderful tea, . We sat down on a comfy couch and rolled and piped up some fine spiff, soft and sweet. On the couches next to us was a small group o young men from Castile, Spain. They were as cute as puppies and as sweet as bonbons. I wonder if my husband would be pissed if I brought one or two home - I promise to feed and paper train them, honest. I had a great time there, one of my best!

I came out around 8:00 and walked over to the Gray Area. It was packed to the rafters. Too packed for me. I hope that when I come back to Amsterdam in the summer I'll be able to get in and try some of their product, but not right then. Oh, well.

I met a nice young lady from New York at the Gray Area. We shared a spiff an conversation. Honey! Always remember you are a marvelous person. A gift to the world . Don't you ever take less than what you want, no one is worth living in fear and sadness.

Well, it's midnight and I'm bushed and bored. Tomorrow is going to be another active day, so I think I'll go back to my room and zee out . It's a soft, warm bed and I'm glad to be in it, so until tomorrow, good night all!

Hot Damn! Day 5 and I'm still alive! One of my bitches about Amsterdam is that there are so many coffee shops it's harder than hell to get to them all. 5 days just isn't enough time. Well, I've still got today. 2 pots of coffee and a shower later, I'm out on the canal ready to prowl. 1st stop...down to Leidesplein and the De Rokerij coffee shop. It was a nice place with good smoke, fun decor and a large menu. The hot chocolate was good and there were friendly people there even though it was rather early.

I spent a good hour or so talking over the positives and negatives of reefer with a couple of women from New Mexico. They seemed to know exactly what they were talking about too. They also spoke of fine Mexican, just killer stuff, super cheap where they're from. Just another place I need to go visit. What a lot of information for me to digest. I'm learning so much about smoke it's almost scary. I must be really backward, I didn't hardly know any of this stuff, it's so high tech.

Out of De Rokerts and on to the Rookies. This place was jammin' and jammed to the rafters. It was so busy I couldn't get waited on . Everyone was working just as hard as the could, so maybe next time. It's now about 1:30 and I stop at a pastry shop for a bite to eat. The apple strudel was to die for, just heavenly. Probably 8 million calories and worth every damn one.

After all that wonderful sugar and with a lovely buzz on I decided to start walking towards the Central Station area. There are coffee shops there I haven't tried yet. Besides, I want to walk and take in this beautiful city for as long as I possibly can. I have to go back home tomorrow so I need to load up on memories today.

The sun is shining softly, the people bustling about so full of life. Such an old city, but still vital. Sparkling canals , charming arched bridges everywhere, narrow buildings with tops like birthday cakes. I'll never forget the ambiance of this place. It's so European!

At around 3:00 I came at last to the famous Barnies. I love you Barnies! I walked in the door and before I could walk 2 feet was being vaporized and vaporized...good gravy. I got my goodies and staggered over to a table at the front and oozed into a seat, still being followed by the vaporizer bandit. I call him this because he stole my breath and heart away. Bless yah, honey, what a wonderful smoke, yum, yum. Barnies is one to the several reasons I couldn't live in Amsterdam. I'd never get out the door to work.


It's 5:30 and I'm going to the Red Light District. I get my map out and start moving towardsthis place I've heardso much about. I got a doobie in my pocket and Im' ready to explore. Walking around I see sex and lots of gift and porn shops. Tourists gawking about, me included. Most of the group were men, as you would expect. The ladies wer in windows. The first ones I saw were in large windows with beautiful, bold eyes and provocative ways of dressing. They didn't seem afraid, but they didn't look as if they were having the time of their lives either. It seem to me to be a hard way to make a living. There are places where you can go and see sex acts, nothing much seems taboo here. It's rather amazing but I'm not afraid to be here walking around on my own. I see serious men standing around and you can tell just by lookin at them, if you screw up too hard they will clean you clock for you. The only person who said anything was asmall dark man who said "help ya, baby?" In a horse whisper. I just kept on moving and he melted back into the shadows as if he never existed.

About that doobie...I had heard from several people that smoking was tolerated outside in the Red Light District. I had to give it a try just to say I did. A block or so past the little guy I was getting comfortable enough with the area to give it a try. I came across one of the cute little bridges with some trees at each end, found a place to lean and lit up. No flashing lights, no sirens, no uniformed officers coming outta the woodwork to haul me in. People just kept walking by, going about their own business. I wasn't totally ignored though. A good looking trannie, probably on his/her way to work, gave me a smile and a nod while passing.

I turned off onto a side street where there were a bunch of tourists just milling around chattering and looking around. Somethings up, I have to look too. There were full length glass panels about 2 ft wide filled side to side with women behind them. They were posturing and gesturing, trying to drum up business. I felt so sad for the poor babies. Yes, I know that the girls do it of their own free will and that there's safety and all of that. I'm still sad for them. It's an interestin trip folks but not my cup of hot chocolate Thanks but no thanks.

Oh, by the way, i've found out something of interest - you can o.d. On hot chocolate. I've had so much of this drink it's dripping out of my ears. So, the next coffee shop I stop at, I get a big cup of ...hot chocolate! I love this stuff! The coffee shop was the Old Bulldog.

Again I lucked out and found a primo seat...an actual booth yet. Sharing my booth was a delightful couple from Wales who were in Amsterdam for a wedding. They spoke lovingly of Wales. You could tell they loved where they lived and loved each other. This renews my faith in mankind. I so needed this after the red light area.

I had a great time and have wonderful memories. I met such cool people, travelers, tourists and residents alike. I've just got to come back here again and bring my ol' man next time. This was the main drawback with my trip. Amsterdam is a romantic city, a place for lovers to wander and I came alone...this time.

Well, it's late kiddies and the educated smoker is freekin' tired. I have to be at the airport at no later than 9;30 local time to catch my flight back to the U. S. Of A.

The Last Morning

I open my eyes to a dreary, rainy, chilly morning. That pretty well summed up my mood too. Aw well, let's get up and at 'em. I was going to walk to Central Station this morning so I could say a lingering farewell to Amsterdam but to hell with that, it's pouring rain out there! I'll get a taxi to take me. I showered and packed my stuff. Where did all this new crap come from? I'll make it fit somehow.

One thing I make sure to do before leaving the hotel for the airport is to roll up a HUGE doobie, open the window and kick back on my little bed. From a semi-reclining position I had a good view fo the Singel Canal. Managed to work up an ass-kicking buzz. It was so mellow!

There was a "problem" to deal with. I had a sweet pipe and some smoke left over. What do I do with it? I surely hate to waste prime smoke, ya know. An answer came to me.

I opened my door and knocked on my neighbors door. I just had a nodding acquaintance with them, a young Italian couple, but I knew them to be smokers. When the young man opened his door I handed him my pipe and reefer and said "Have a buzz on me". His face lit up like a lamp and he thanked me with a big thank-you in Italian. At least I hope it was a thank-you. As I said, "never waste the bud". The last remaining obstacle was getting down those damned steep stairs with a terminal buzz!

Downstairs for breakfast, coffee and toast. As I paid my bill I had the front desk call me a ride. I'm ready to go. Sorry to leave of course, but ready to go home. I'll never forget this time. It's given me a deep hunger to see more of this world. I'm tired of just working every day to see the sun go down a night. I want to see where the sun comes up too. I've had a change in my outlook and it's all to the good.

The cabbie takes me right to Central Station. Inside a nice man in a blue uniform shows me how to get a train ticket. After a quiet ride to the airport I had no problem getting my flight. Everything is running as smooth as silk. The only thing interesting that happened on the flight back to the U. S. A. Is that my seat neighbor was my buddy from one of the coffee shops. He was bushed! We talked for a few minutes about what a great time we had, then said sleep well to each other, kicked back and thats all she wrote until we landed in America

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Ya know Hestia the more times i read about your trip the more i wanna go. I cant wait. sounds like you had an amazing time, got to learn a lot, and smoke even more. I definitely cant wait til i go. I can only imagine how beautiful it is


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Wow...I have always wanted to do this. I have also been saying this for a few years now. I want to go to Amsterdam and go to the Cannibas cup. You actually got to do that, and that totally motivates me to go. I loved how you put your whole trip into your perspective. I almost felt like I was there. Good writing and details. I also love purp. It's always been my favorite. And vaporizers are the shit! I don't happen to have one, but tried one a couple of times. As a woman of some kinda respect in this world....I agree with you on the Red light district thing. It's kinda sad how woman even want to do that now a days and it is accepted widely. And black is the new Emo generation that is up and coming. Especially popular over in Europe. I didn't know this exactly. But I work with kids and they told me and their explanations and everything. Not complete understanding from my end, b/c colors are beautiful and bring more light to the world. But its just their thing. It that's them than that's beautiful. Thank you again for the deep story of your adventure.
Peace and Love:hippy:


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holy cow i feel as if i was with you! thanx for the great experience!


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great read thanks for posting i had a couple bowls and i could already see myself there :cool027:..ive been wanting to go for the longest, sounds like u had the time of your life


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Haha, I loved the Johnny Cash reference.. Really great story, well written and funny! Sounds like you've learned alot, and had a blast.. It's cool that your husband didn't mind you going on the adventure :smokin:

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That was like reading a good book you don't want to end.

Thanks for taking us along with you.

Peace and happiness:rollit:
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