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Hey Guys.... :35:
Sorry, I have not been around much. I have been soooo busy.
Iam going to make an Effort to be here more.

My friend is going to Amsterdam at the end of November.
She is having a hard time finding a place to stay.
She is looking for a place that has a private room and a private bathroom.
If anyone here has any suggestions on where she can stay..can you please let me know.

Thanks a Bunch .... :smoke2:


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Me and my girlfriend are planning a trip next year and we are going to rent a vaction studio apartment rental thingy... check this site out.... Amsterdam Apartments — stayAmsterdam Accommodation
You can get 1 bedroom apartments w/ private baths and what not, check it out! they are pretty cheap considering what you are getting for the money! some places we looked into were like 75 euro a night which aint bad. Hope this helps!


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found this thread a ways back, (just reading through) he has a link on the first post that takes ya to his 10 day amsterdam and cup journal, not a bad read:) just thought I would stick that in here, you may find some useful info... I did :)

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My mom wants to go for the cup! She wants to take me along as well.

I went there a couple years ago when I spent a month in Europe.

Its a complete blast!

European pot is crazy good compared to old Indiana green.


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Thanks Again Everyone :allgood:

Again.. Iam sorry I have not been here to much.
I have been popping on and off... from time to time.
I really have not been posting. I Suck!

So yeah.. Iam going to check out whats happening around here :smoke2:
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