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Amy Gardner

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Eden is a work in progress

Welcome to Eden, we’re just getting started

I grow primarily outside under the Southern Hemisphere sun. I’m further south than what’s ideal for growing cannabis so I am, over the next few years, auditioning strains to find out what grows well here, as well as for my medicinal and recreational needs and desires.

This year’s grow has been going on for a few months already so let’s get the basic particulars covered right away.

Photoperiod chemovars:
Critical Mass (Dope Seeds)
White Widow (Dope Seeds)
Candida CD-1 (Medical Marijuana Genetics)
(Details on each below with the photo catchup ;))

I am also growing some Autos which are at various stages as well - they’re all a bit experiemental so I will include pics, info and probably questions, about them, sporadically, as we go. :yummy:

Growth stage:
All plants are at 7 weeks veg, transition to flower just starting.

Outdoors. Although during some cold nights and very rainy days in early veg they were given the comforts of the indoors, including a little supplemental lighting. NOt for a long time now tho, and there be no more moving them in & out).

Growing medium:
Organic soil and/or peat moss amended with Doc Bud’s High Brix Blend (420) ammendments.
PH will never be mentioned as this soil buffers itself, as it should :thumb:

All plants have been veg’d in 1gal pots from the outset in 420 first run soil (using buffered peat moss, as no ProMix HP or Sunshine #4 are available here).

Two plants, the Critical Mass and the CD-1, will be grown out in a 1.2 x 1.2 raised bed (amended with a custom blend - if it ever makes it through the international post :oops:), the White Widow will be transplanted into a 13gal pot of buffered peat moss amended with 420 1st run ammendment.

Courtesy of the fireball out there that we call the Sun. We passed the summer solstice a bit over a week ago so the daylight hours have begun to diminish.

You betcha! :laugh:

I grow in a forest a few km inland from the sea, near a fairly large and ranging wetlands. It’s critter central, of all kinds. So pests are not really eradicable (is that a word? ... it is now ;)). I share the canna gardening space with our vegetable growing enclosure. Because we also have many critters (marsupials) who will wipe the entire garden clean in a couple fo nights, we have a caged “exclusion zone”.

Insect pest-wise, it’s simply a matter of us trying to keep thing in balance, make sure the helpful predators have good access to the garden and keep the health of our plants up as best we can (hence the effort to grow high brix).

This grow has been severely hampered early on by fungus gnats that came in in the bale of peat moss. Early veg’ was really stalled and not totally happy. I have applied all known organic methods I can access (haven’t used yukka extract which can be good, can’t source it here): BTi powder (what’s in mosquito dunks); blowing a fan on the surface; gnatnix on top of the soil; pantyhose to cover access to the lower holes on the small pots; and neem drenches to the raised vegetable beds outside. They pretty much infested the outdoor garden so we’re treating with BTi ongoing. It’s been humid and still a lot, so they’re managing to hang around a bit. But there are predators and elements out there too so it’s not as bad as it was. It’s still an issue, but hopefully being managed.

There is also a variety of mites, white fly, thrip etc but nothing is taking hold of anything or at risk of doing so. It’s a perpetual cacophony of life and death in our garden - you will see the odd mark on leaves but mostly things are in balance. Doc Bud’s Leaf Wash is employed on the plants themselves and this really clears out the bad critters if any are on there. I also used some “weaponised” foliar sprays earlier in veg when they were too young for leafwash and there was some thrip activity (more on that later maybe).

Enough about pests already! These kids have pulled through really well :slide:

None as such. The soil microherd is maintained (hopefully;)) throught the use of the drenches and foliar sprays in the 420 kit

So far these have only been given Transplant (TP) drenches or plain water drenches (1/4 strength TP).

During the veg period, I have used the wet/dry cycle approach, letting thing get as close to completely dry as I can before drenching.

I haven’t got in as many as I’d have liked because the gnat issue means things dont dry out so well. They’re all drinking harder now though so just this week the rate of drenches has accelerated a lot.

Once in flower I won’t let them dry out at all.

Once this intro post is up, I’ll do a feature post to catch you up to each plant - they’re all so different - but here’s their group life in pictures so far:

And here they are yesterday, January 1 2019

So, my happy band of 420 friends, followers, fiends, foes, and flybynighters, welcome to my 2018-2019 outdoor grow!

I’m thrilled to have you along. :surf: I’ll follow this up with a close look at each plant.

Going forward, if you ever just want to find the updates, i will always start them with “Update: (name)” so you can search within the thread for “Update: Candida CD-1” posted by me, and find only the CD-1 updates.

I said i’d throw in some snippets about autos here n there. Well here, this is a shot of the DDA Spog® I grew a little while back. I got only grams off it, but lovely grams they are - like really lovely :D

Let’s get this grow on the road! :cool:
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Photo of the Month: Oct 2018
cheers gardener gardner

Amy Gardner

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getting-up-to-date Update: Candida CD-1

This is a tried and true, tested many times, CBD dominant chemovar developed by Medical Marijuana Genetics, named Candida as this the Latin for “bright light” and it is a tribute to the late mother of one of the developers. There is passion for the plant and the strength of familial love in these genetics. Sounds good to me and with 11-20% CBD and les than 1% THC, I wil be able to use it in a variety of ways, both on it’s own and in blended dosing oil. I’ve recently discovered the relaxing effects of vaping all CBD (had some CBCD Therapy gifted to me), it’s lovely and I’m expecting I will enjoy the CD-1 for this too.

Currently at day 49.

This one had lots of gnat hampering early on, and a little thrip action as well. I removed 2 thrips by hand (very delicately :4:) at about week 2 and gave all the kids really, really weak weaponised foliars at that time as well, and things have been much improved since.

It’s sometimes a little droopy in the newer growth and wanted to lay down when sprayed even lightly when it was younger. All this is a lot better now though and it oscillates between perky and a tiny bit droopy but in general is a lot stronger. It might be/have been an effect of the gnats, and there are still a few about here n there, so its ongoing! It’s possibly genetics too. The breeder says they may need support in flower and newty’s was a bit droopy when young too.

Mostly She’s great tho’, check it out :cool:

That was the pic i was taking when the opening pic with the dragon fly “happened”. It literally landed there while I was taking teh shots and pulled the focus of the camera... here’s a zoom in on the little dude :D

He wishes...

And I need my man @Pterostychus to step in and help us out here... :Namaste: Friend or foe Pt?

My battery is running out :19: (on a few levels)...

I’ll be back with the others sometime in the next 24hrs!


Amy Gardner

Member of the Month: March 2018 - Photo of the Month: April, Dec 2018, Apr, Sept 2019, February 2020


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Dayum!...great pics Amy!...timing is everything with the bug shots, and Ya' got that in spades...Congratz' by the way on POTM!...:bravo: and things are looking good...:thumb:...I'm tagging along and will be hanging with the marsupials for a bit...if need be, I could go a round with a Roo' to protect your garden...:19:...looks like Ya' got that covered tho'...cheerz...h00k...:rollit::48:...

Amy Gardner

Member of the Month: March 2018 - Photo of the Month: April, Dec 2018, Apr, Sept 2019, February 2020
Welcome @Killian :welcome: :D nice to meet you! Thanks for you kind words. That critter is actually a swamp wallaby :love: and he’s practically our pet! He’s very old, sleeps about the place a lot and is never very far away. Yes he would eat everything in the garden, including the cannabis and very quickly! The kangaroos mostly just eat the other grass ;).

I’ll hope to keep you well entertained with all the delights outdoor growing has to offer us.

:welcome: To you too @dr.h00k - pleased to have you along.

I’ll be telling the kangas to behave themselves cause h00k’s got my back :thumb: ... that’ll keep em well in line I think!


Amy Gardner

Member of the Month: March 2018 - Photo of the Month: April, Dec 2018, Apr, Sept 2019, February 2020
:ciao:Happy New Year Amy to you and yours, I'm in. Beautiful pictures, :thumb:congratulations on Photo of the month. I think it comes naturally for you, you have an eye for it :surf::surf::surf::Namaste:
Hi d :5::surf:

Glad to have to here again for another round of outdoor plant love :yummy: :love:

Amy Gardner

Member of the Month: March 2018 - Photo of the Month: April, Dec 2018, Apr, Sept 2019, February 2020
you have an eye for it :surf::surf:
Thank you :Namaste: I think it’s in my blood :)
Looks awesome.
Thanks man! And welcome to my garden. I love you avatar - very cheerful! :D
I see it’s not too late to welcome you to the forums as well!
:welcome: You picked a great community to join, so great decision right there - you’re on a winning path@ Don’t hesitate to drop by and ask if you need any help about the site etc. :thumb:
Hi Amy!!! You have a beautiful garden. Congrats on the pic OTM. And Happy New year!. It looks like you have a great oudoor journey in the works.

Thanks lazyfish - great to have you in the garden! Welcome. Pull up a stump or a cinderblock and chill out for while... the birds are singing and the toke is flowing... :48:
Yayyy !!!! Another summer adventure in Amy' garden :slide:. So in :yahoo:. . Will be living vicariously through you this summer grow:smokin2:. Btw the dragonfly is bloody adorable.
Welcome Kismet! Thanks man - hopefully you’ll get plenty of sunshine and other summer treats as we go on...
Hey Amy! Pulling up a chair in the back here. Looking forward to it!
welcome ween :slide: Glad to have you here. Ive not been by your garden for a week or 2, must get round to you soon :)

Amy Gardner

Member of the Month: March 2018 - Photo of the Month: April, Dec 2018, Apr, Sept 2019, February 2020

Update: White Widow

I think the expression is “crushing”... I’m crushing on this one :4: ... I mean just look at it!

These Dope Seeds genetics are really great! Very vigorous. This WW is 1 of 2 of their Feminised range that i’m growing this year. I’m incredibly grateful to them for their sponsorship of the contests and of the photo contest in particular :4: and I’m glad to be able to showcase their genetics in a way that makes them look as good as they are! Hopefully this one will continue to look stellar right through the finish.

I’ve always thought White Widow sounded like the perfect hybrid and I’ve wantee to grow some for years. This one is primarily for fun. Still medicinal of course - all cannabis is medicinal - just recreationally so. If I get enough I’ll try some oil/edibles with it for daytime pain relief. Currently I use a heavy indica for that and it works really well for pain, I’m just curious to see if something like this ww will do as well for the pain and brighten my mood at the same time. :yummy:

It’s been absolutely the least trouble. Started slow with the gnat problems but just keeps on chugging and hasn’t been too susceptible to anything else.

I think I can still see evidence of gnat activity - you’ll notice some of the newer growth tips are a little bit ill-formed here n there. I noticed this on the gnat bothered Blue Dream as well. Just keeping on with all the methods, diligence and “CONSTANT VIGILANCE! :laugh:

It’s been topped twice and is going to be transplanted into a 13.5 gal pot any day now...

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Amy Gardner

Member of the Month: March 2018 - Photo of the Month: April, Dec 2018, Apr, Sept 2019, February 2020
Not much to see over at my place but you're welcome anytime! My girls aren't the best looking so not a lot of pics. Hoping they pick it up soon and start putting on some weight and finish strong!

Well - cant be perfect all the time ;)

I’ll bet you and the boss had an awesome canna time over the holidays with all your wonderful garden produce. Happy new year to you both!

Amy Gardner

Member of the Month: March 2018 - Photo of the Month: April, Dec 2018, Apr, Sept 2019, February 2020
I wonder how many posts fit on a page? I have the final catchup post to load, but If it’s on the same page, it’ll be one of those pages that just doesn’t load well... this next one is a bit of a photo dump :4:

Amy Gardner

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I said at the top of the page, top of the journal in fact, that Eden is a work in progress. A perpetual one indeed and the other thing i’d say in relation to that is this:

I’m playing the long game ...

This season hasn’t gone at all according to the timing plan yet :19:.

I was pretty pleased with how my own soil went last season, but also not surprised when I got it tested to see that it was lacking in some important elements and some micro nutrients. I’m excited to be amending it post the soil test. We already know that it will take a couple of seasons to ‘season’ that soil for optimum high brix kit growing so I’m in the building phase.

So the ‘not according to plan’ part is that I have a custom ammendment for the raised bed stuck somewhere between Doc’s laboratory and my garden (posted 6 Dec, cleared US customs ... fingers are still crossed!).

In a perfect world, I’d receive the ammendment, broadcast it, water it in, wait 2 weeks and then plant/transplant into it. This world is far from perfect though and while we often enjoy more ideal circumstances than I currently have, I also have 2 plants needing transplant, and one desperately so (Critical Mass has started to flower).

It’s a sub-par approach but I’m planting the Critical Mass very soon into the raised bed without the ammendment. I wasn’t sure from Doc’s response whether this would cause really bad problems or whether it would just be very inferior. I already know that an inferior 420 grow is better than average, and I have no other options.. so in it goes!

Unless Doc pops in and says it will be detrimental to the long term soil build I’ll execute the subpar approach and hope for the best - it seems better than the other options, all of which would require hired help and more management going forward than what i can accommodate.

Playing the long game ... next year this raised bed will be a star and I’l probably have a new section to work with... i have years of growing ahead of me :surf:


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Well - cant be perfect all the time ;)

I’ll bet you and the boss had an awesome canna time over the holidays with all your wonderful garden produce. Happy new year to you both!
Thanks Amy! Happy New Year to you and your partner! I hope it's a great year for you! The Boss is the one that gets to enjoy all the produce, I only partake every now and then. I get high by opening the jars and sticking my nose in, ha!:19:
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