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An affordable solution for keeping your nutes cool


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Hey guys,

I bought this off AliExpress to use for cooling down the nutes and it works remarkably well so I thought I'd share it with you guys:


I tested it, the unit draws about 95watts when it's cooling and close to zero when idle. It runs on a single peltier cooling chip, so besides the fan noise (two fairly quiet pc type fans inside it), it is next to silent. There are two models with diff cooling capacities, this one handles 30L of water but there is another lower capacity one (upto 20L). Plus you have to choose if you want it to be a cooler only or cooler and heater. I went for the 30L cooler and heater (more flexible if I want to use it for something else in the future) but you can get the cooler only one and/or the 20L save a few bucks. I would recommend sticking with the 30L model. More cooling power doesn't harm.

Operation: You set the desired target temp and then set the range or temp at which the unit kicks in. Mine is set to cool to 18C, so it switchs off when it reaches 18, and to start cooling again when the temp goes up to 19.5C (you can set whatever range you want). This way the nutes always stay in that range. Perfect. A small pump is needed to circulate the water. Mine is a regular submersible 300L/h pump. Nothing special there. No more frozen water bottles or any other Micky Mouse solutions.



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Thanks, and I hope that works well for you.

Just one note here: the Peltier effect is a convenient but extremely inefficient method for cooling (i.e. it's a comparatively expensive way to to cool--maybe the most expensive). Just FYI.


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Kind of a sucky one tho, didn't give us a link or brand or anything to look it up by lol.

Good point. He did give the name of his website. When someone shows up and posts info promoting a product in their one and only post, ya gotta be suspicious. (And a join date of 2102 and this is his first post?!)
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