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Anaerobic soil? And my living soil recipe question


Hi my soil started smelling like a poo literally only the bottom layer where the water been staying (I didn't had draining holes) and I wonder that's how it's supposed to smell? or it went anaerobic ? (The top layer been smelling fine) I just seperated the soil I gave it a good mix I will do it like for 5 days and I will put to to the fabric pot instead of plastic tub .. as that might be the problem..?
The other question is I made a recipe 33%peat 33%compost 33%perlite and I just found the compost what I had had already 50% peat in it .. should I change anything ? Give more perlite and peat free compost or just leave it as it is ?
Sorry for my English guys but I hope somebody will help me for my questions :D
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