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Anger by Richard S.

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Anger by Richard S.​

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1960 to young and liberal parents, I first smoked at age 9. Life went along fine until 1975 when my first taste of alcohol and a divorce had changed my life; I became an angry party animal with little self esteem.

Dropping out of high school in 1976 and moving into the working sector had put me into what I viewed at the time as a real bummer of a life. Moving along, in 1984 I had gotten married and tried with little success to settle down. In 1986 I had given into my wife's demands to see a shrink' Well to be short, I have been to many shrinks over the years with every different diagnosis and medication prescribed to deal with depression, manic behavior; nothing had worked even quitting drinking, smoking pot and religion. Family responsibilities were the only thing keeping me from taking my own life.

Well, in 1995 I was at a friend's house who still toked up and I choose to try it again. Thank God I did; yes it is more potent now. Against my shrinks advice I continued to smoke (never any alcohol again) and went off the daily diet of welbutren, paxil and trazadone to sleep with nothing but great results.

I am still married to the same woman and have two great kids in private Christian school. My wife is a state licensed counselor who does not smoke and was appalled when I started back up until she started seeing the change I was making. My concentration started coming back fist, then my anger dropped off to the point my own mother couldn't understand how I could have found so much inner peace in just a one year period of time. The best part is I don't need to light up all day long only a couple of hours before bed and whenever I choose during the day. Is it the pot or a miracle? I am really not sure but I have lost that annoying noise in my head that always kept my concentration level so low that I think it fueled my terrible anger.

Oh, by the way my shrink still to this date is against this behavior but everyone else who has known me a lot longer tells me to stick with what works for me.

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The use of cannabis has all kinds of physical reactions. The most important ones are:

  1. Increased heartbeat. Generally, it slows down in about 20 minutes.
  2. Drop of the pressure in your eyeball.
  3. Change of blood pressure.
  4. Sense of cold or hot hands and feet.
  5. Discoloration of the white of the eye to somewhat pink because of dilation of the vessels in the conjunctiva of the eye.
  6. Relaxation of the muscles.
  7. A dry mouth.
These effects are temporary and mostly disappear after a couple of hours.
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I can relate to Richard. And I thank God for what He has given us. (Gen. 1:29- And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.") God is Omniscient. He knew. Greed and money of man in big business and gov made it illegal. I am just saying. . . :amen:
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