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Hi Everyone,

Does this mutation look familiar at all? Just noticed it a week into flowering.


Strain is bag-seed, though likely the progeny of a Trainwreck or Jack Herer mother (known stash).

Lived outside all its life, and during veg was supplemented with CFLs to equate 20hrs of light/day. Currently in a 3-gal pot, will upsize if showing need, but hoping not (because I move pots around garden to stay sunny).

Some notable characteristics: Plant has always bled ruby-red sap where topped (nutes etc. seem adequate and growth steadily vigorous); Back during veg, on a different branch, a single-fingered leaf w/ long thin petiole emerged, but I've since lost track of it; white pistils growing in size and number every day; no obvious hermaphroditism yet (no balls anywhere, even under magnification).

I'd love to know what anybody thinks... Especially: Is this a possible outcome of genetic dice-rolling, or symptom of threat to be monitored or acted-upon?

Thanks for your time, and best regards,
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