Anonymous' Anonymous Closet Grow: Red Runtz & Ice Cream Candy

Journal #1

Strains: Red Runtz by Exotic Genetics and Ice Cream Candy by In House Genetics
Medium: Roots Organic Soil
Nutrients: General Hydroponic's Flora Series & Cal-Mag
Pot Sizes: Solo Cup-1gallon plastic-5gallon fabric final pot
Grow Areas: Veg Tent = 3x3 Flowering = 4x8
Lights Used= Veg Tent - Mars-Hydro TSW-2000 Flower - 615 Samsung Strip Light & Mars-Hydro TS-3000
Temps: Veg - 80F 55-60% RH Flower - 75F 50% RH
Training Methods - Multiple Tops & LST, Lollipopping Prior to Flower
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