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Another Brix In The Wall Part 2: Hawk Clones Under Max Yield!

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Hey All! Welcome to my journal! First off, a big thanks to :420:for putting together such an awesome site with lots of great sponsors! One of my favorites of course is @Doc Bud and his amazing soil/nutrient system, kit grower for life! I am also a big fan of the 2 monster lights I've been using from Perfect Sun, Goliath and Max Yield! I purchased Goliath first then was lucky enough to be gifted the Max Yield and did a sponsored grow for @LEDRF and will continue to showcase these awesome lights throughout this journal! I also have a couple Mars reflectors which may come into play in one of my 2 Gorilla tents, thinking of running an auto in the 2x3 (approx dimensions, ha!) The bean would have come from another sponsor Dope Seeds. I won 2nd place in the picture of the month contest and grabbed some auto beans. I also have a $50 credit with @SeedsMan which I will probably use during their big black Friday promo.

Here are the strains I'm growing, Mimosa, Boptang#2, Boptang #3, and Dosidos. Thanks @Kitchenhawk !!

Currently in solo cups, soon to be in #1's of fresh 1st run Doc Buds High Brix Blend of soil. In the 4x4 gorilla under the Max Yield which is as high as it can go. I just spent more than I care to admit on a huey...but It's kind of fancy and you can fill from the top, considering hooking my new de-huey right into it if it'll fit in the tent. May add a little electric heater in there too if needed and may consider a controller. I have an ink bird for temp and may just get their rh one and be done or I may look into a fancier one which can control day and night...

I appreciate any and all comments and advice. All are welcome and anything goes as far as sharing.

A few pics. Things should start getting interesting soon enough.



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Made it to the party! Did I make the first page ??? Ween glad ur back brotha! Got some cold brews and Glue for the crew!

Cheers all:ganjamon: Beautiful clones! Let the good times roll:rollit:
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