Another Brix In The Wall: Sweet Pink Stink & Coked Out Girl Scout

Great mornin to ya Ween, Killer, O/L and Yeti! Good solid advise from Yeti Ween , on the bud rot thing.
I seen nothing the pics. Your enviro is very good , so all should be fine. Your temps of mid to high eighties is Ok,...don't fret bud! My last crop had many days in the low 90's. so... As long as you have a good RH (40-60)and lots of air flow over the canopy all will be fine. Yeti's explanation for finding bud rot , is spot on. Look for brown areas in the bud or dying leaf tips emerging from a fat bud. As Yeti said though, careful as to not spread it , if it is bud rot/mold!
Cheers Ween and friends!

Thanks Duggan! I did have a week to 10 days of very high rh before I figured it out. The plant in question is on the edge of the light which may be part of the problem. Another thing about it is the buds are not dense rock hard nugs like her momma and sisters. They're fluffy like my first grow. Considering freezing e whole thing to get my bh groove going, what do you think of that idea? Maybe save the best buds for curing and freeze the rest....? We have plenty of produce, still working on the 18 zips from the last harvest. :slide:
Well, you know how i feel about BH bud! it's my all time fav. smoke. Once got addicted to it ...bud wasn't doing for me...was making BH almost every weekend , just to keep up to my stupid addiction/habit! (love the 73 bag!)
My advise , would be to keep a very close eye on her....if she continues to under perform...get her chopped and processed , then into the freezer for a BH date later on....Cheers
Oh yes Killer...BH at it's purest and properly processed all gland heads with NO vegetable matter and NO trichome stalks...just the 'heads'. This is the best chance for a 'full melting' hash. When looked at a pile of it.(under a scope) looks just like a bubble bath...the very same. All the 'heads' stick to one another...looks pretty cool with almost NO dirt or contaminants!
Not all strains produce 'full melting' ...but ALL strains will give up the best they have to offer. Simply the best ...unadulterated gland fuel , no pressing , no BS ...just pure ice/water extracted gland heads...where all our coveted medicine is at!
Understood Killer?
Yup...u can use it all bud! No need to wash it. It will all get washed in the BH process! Just make sure to remove all the stalks and sticks OK! Dont wanna take a chance on them puncturing a hole in your bags!!!
When you take it all outta the freezer...put it on a chopping /cutting board and chop it all up (while still frozen) like you are preparing a salad K. Not too fine a chop though...just about 1/2 inch chops. Then it goes right into your bag...more on that later OK!

Got it and I will probably do this sooner than later just because I'm excited to try it, not that I'll be able to sample the goods but maybe a little.

Would you still do the 24 hour dark period? If not, I could get it out of the way tomorrow and have more time for the 3 cogs.

OL says Pupil Magoo is a reg, doh! I already named her Mrs Magoo so I'm pretty sure she's a female!

Pupil Magoo - Star Pupilx Blue Magoo Bx2
Our newest indica addition to the lineup, Pupil Magoo is a very special indica dominant Pupil cross. This strain is relaxing, yet more functional than our Fisheye OG which is the most heavy indica Pupil in comparison. The Pupil Magoo is an excellent mood stabilizer, functional relaxation with a good effect. Stimulates appetite and gently promotes restful sleep at the end of the evening, but generally allows for functionality all day long. One of our most medicinal varieties. Two main phenotypes exist, and most plants will become colorful by the end of flower. There is a bright sharp, sour green apple smelling pheno, and a pupil funk pheno which is a bit more myrcene dominant with a thick, pungent aroma. Plants are somewhat tall although totally manageable for indoors, a simple topping or fimming in veg is recommended. There is an occasional short phenotype, about one in fifteen.

Flavor: Sour apple to pupil heavy funk.
Effect: Relaxing, munchies, mood stabilizer, equilibrium.
Flower Time: 9 weeks
Veg Time: Medium
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium-Tall
Let's all get our girlie groove on, and wish a female for ya! :yahoo:
Got it and I will probably do this sooner than later just because I'm excited to try it, not that I'll be able to sample the goods but maybe a little.

Would you still do the 24 hour dark period? If not, I could get it out of the way tomorrow and have more time for the 3 cogs.

I would just chop need for extra dark...pfft! If your turning most of her into dont matter one bit. Cut her all the stems and stalks...freeze her buds ,...the whole ball a wax. when you are ready , and prepared with some time etc....pull it outta the freezer and shoot me a post.
I posted this over at Daj's but wanted to put it Here too.

Hey Daj! All! I have one large vegging gal that was a clone taken the same time I took the clones ,that I'll be harvesting this weekend. She is wicked wonky with really big 3 bladed leaves and pistils everywhere. See her and all my new plants in same tent. What should I do with my big wonky girl? Cull? Switch her to 24/0 until better and flip?

Tonight was the last time I can take pics of my cogs before lights out tomorrow and chop on Sunday. I already chopped my SPS tonight and got more smokable buds that I thought I would, that weighed 105 grams and went into 3 paper bags in the fridge, the popcorn buds weighed 145 grams and went into the freezer to make bh out of. Mrs. Magoo is a little shy and is still hiding beneath the soil. Slur is standing up,straight.

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