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Hi all,

I've been mulling over the idea of growing a few plants for a month or so now. A couple of days ago, I pulled the trigger. The 300 Watt LED grow light is at the local post office waiting for pickup. A couple of hours ago, an email from Crop King arrived to let me know my Auto White Widows were on the way. I guess I'm really doing this. :yikes:

I'll be making use of the 2 foot X 4 foot closet in the spare bedroom. Well, a portion of it at least. At first I figured I'd fill a couple of Home Depot buckets with potting soil and that would be about it. However, after reading tutorials here and on a couple of other sites until my eyes bled, it has become painfully obvious that just won't do.

The plan now is to go with coco rather than earth. I found a supplier 10 minutes from home who seems to have everything I need. At this point, I've no intention of making a huge investment. We'll see how it goes and likely build the setup over time.

A little insight into who I am - I'm not a young man any more. The odds of me outliving my LED's are slim at best. :17: I'm currently on a hiatus from smoking. Been about 4 months now. I find it beneficial, if somewhat tough, to detox every once in a while.

Looking forward to sharing the journey and picking your brains over the next few months.

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