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Another City Says No to Marijuana Dispensaries


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Moorpark is about to join the growing list of local cities saying 'no' to medical marijuana dispensaries. Just Monday night the city of Goleta voted to stop medical marijuana dispensaries from being established until they receive more direction from State and Federal Government.

Tonight Moorpark City Council is expected to ban dispensaries within its city limit, becoming the third city in Ventura County to do so. The City Planning Director says the proposal of a moratorium was introduced with a 5 to 0 vote just weeks ago, so this decision is a closed deal. The city has not received any applications for dispensaries but city leaders say they want to prevent the increase in crime that could come with the dispensaries.
Several other Ventura County cities have already banned medical marijuana dispensaries; Oxnard and Simi Valley.

Another City Says No to Marijuana Dispensaries | Santa Barbara's News, Weather, and Sports | Local

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I don't live where there are any dispensaries, but my understanding was that the clubs did not increase crime. Does anyone have any stats on this?
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