Another First Deep Water Culture/DWC grow Special Kush #1


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Hi Deep Water Culture friends!
This is my first attempt with Deep Water Culture/DWC
I put 3 clones of my first soil grow this year (Special Kush#1 from Royal Queen Seeds) and try doing Deep Water Culture
I had a lot of problem at first without meters and almost kill my plants but they doing right now
I have now the TDS and PH meters and using the Lucas Formula for this clones with GH nutes.

I think now that clones is a difficult way to start with DWC hehehe

here my clones with 1 days in Deep Water Culture DIY system


the roots 1 week later:


3 weeks laters, some light burns, and nutes def later... they are doing good, I think



next week I'm gonna put them in 12/12



thanks to all!


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thanks a lot to all!
now they are with 5 days of flowering, they're growing a lot, very bushy

they're with other 5 clones the same day in soil in this closet, and you can see the difference between DWC and soil growing


now my ph is 5.5 and 800 ppm, Should I rise up the ppm levels? I need an advice please, thanks!


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Lookin' Good! +reps

What nutes are you using? Most people try to follow the manufacturers recommendations or a little lower. Without knowing what you have, I would say 800 is probably good this week. The plants look healthy and are not showing any deficiency. It's better to under feed a little as opposed to over feeding, getting nute burn, stressing the plants, and slowing their growth. If things stay good the next couple of days, you could try bumping them up a little and see how it goes. You kind of want to sneak up on the nute level, and as soon as the plants show a little distress back off. Each strain likes different levels and from what I've seen in other grows, lots of people are giving less than the manufacturers recommendation and still having healthy good producing plants. Hope that helps.


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Hello Green007, thanks for your advice
I'm using GH Nutes, with Lucas Formula, doing low now with 0-6-14
I will let it with 800ppm this week, and increase the next with the full 0-8-16



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Just a side note, a lot of people are saying that some extra N during flower helps there plants. Might want to post a question about that on the Deep Water Culture Home thread. Throw your journal link up there too, that will get more Deep Water Culture checking in on your grow. ;)


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Wish I knew enough about the lucus formula but I don't. I just bump my grow nutes some for the first couple of weeks of flower to keep the leaf drop down to a minimum and then back off to the normal level.



Lookin GOOD Bro !! .. I would have to say,, that for your first time,, your doin GREAT !! .. +Reps !! !!

Best of Luck to ya Sir !! !!


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Just got caught up on the Deep Water Culture Home thread, Don't know if you had a chance to read Rosemans response to your question. He recommended adding 1/16th grow part of the nutes to your res to bump the N up a little. (You should go read the entire response for more info if you haven't already) Me not knowing the GH line, hope that makes sense.

MostlyCrazy knows his stuff too, he is our "Chief Deep Water Culture". You can trust his advise. :thumb:


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Wow Green007, thanks for that, I will do in that way, I start with Roseman's Tutorial and for my first grow I think they are doing Ok, but thanks to you, Roseman and MC.

RedDawg thanks a lot for your support! really man, your plants also look very good!

I will post some picture the next 2 weeks :thumb:


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hello my friends
I have a very newbie question.
are important the ppm levels for the plant to start flower? I mean for example if the levels are under 1000ppm all the flower part with 12/12 the plant start flower without problems? or its is absolutely necessary high levels of nutrients for the plant to start to make buds?



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High levels of ppm are not necessarily needed in flower. The plant will tell you it wants more by sort of point up it's tips to the light. Also I've seen growers keep the nute levels on the low side the entire grow with good results. I don't know it the lucas formula is any different.


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I would like to offer a ppm chart as a rule of thumb or ball park target ppm, but each grow or garden is going to be different.

These numbers are based on EC readings, .500 readings, TDS readings converted from EC or the common Hannah Chart:

Seedlings, Early Sprouts 100 to 250

Early Vegging 300 to 400

Full Vegetation 450 to 700

Early Blooming 750 to 950

Full Mature Blooms 1000 to 1600

(this excludes the ppm of your water)


Again, this is a recommended chart from a book, and I do not believe in such high ppms, especially for CFL growing or NON-HID Light growing. There is no point in risking your grow just to get such a high ppm in Bloom. .


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You're right! I use ppm's around 800-1000 for the first 4 weeks of flower and back it off slowly over the remainder of my grow. I used to use high nutes for the entire grow. Sort of pushing the envelope but found that it causes more problems than it is worth. I found that the plant will rob from the underleaf if it needs something for bud creation and that's ok by me.
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