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Another First Grow - Kali Mist - C99 - Auto NL


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Sorry for starting this journal so late. Between doing so much reading for the last couple months and hesitation of posting anything, I am just now getting around to it. Biggest thing I've learned so, this really isn't all that difficult at all if you take your time and do enough research first. Also, don't be in such a rush to react to every little thing. This will be a medical grow, trying to see if sativa strains will work for me. Nothing available where I live so I will have to grow it to try it. So, let's get to it. :thumb:

Strains: Kali Mist by Serious Seeds(Sativa), C99 by Female Seeds(Sativa), Nirvana Auto Northern Lights(Indica Freebie)
Days from Seed: Kali Mist @ 31 days, C99 @ 23 days, Auto NL @ 31 days.
Grow Medium: Sunshine Advanced #4 with 20% coarse perlite added.
Grow Area: Dual 2'x4'x6' cabinets(veg/bloom). ~36" of available plant height, not including pot.
Size of light? Dual 300W LED Panels in each cabinet(can't name the brand here).
Light Distance: 36" seedling, 18" currently
Temp of Room/cab? 70-80F
RH of Room/cab? ~45%
PH of media or res? Somewhere in range
How often are you watering? About every 4 days.
Veg Nutes: AN Sensi Grow 2part(1/4), Voodoo Juice(full), B-52(1/2)
Bloom Nutes: AN Sensi Bloom 2part, B-52, Bud Ignitor, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Overdrive

First up is the Kali Mist, the main strain I am interested in due to the reports on the effects. This was planted in a solo cup 31 days ago, after 24 hours of soaking in water. It went to a 1 gal plastic pot at about 2 weeks and began using the nutes listed above. Then to the current 5gal smart pot at about 3 weeks, the growth exploded each time. Watering with nutes at every watering, every 4-5 days. About 9.5" tall here.

I tried to FIM her, but it doesn't appear to have worked properly as it seems the main shoot is still growing. I wasn't planning on tying the main stalk over so I am going to try to rely on topping to allow the new lower shoots to catch up.

I ended up topping instead to fix the FIM that didn't take. Hoping this is going to make a difference as I want to end up with right at a 36" plant with several colas. I am hoping to get at least 2oz from her, not quite sure if I will get there. Currently about 10" tall.

Next, the C99, a similar aternative to kali mist. This was planted in a solo cup 23 days ago, after 24 hours of soaking in water. It went to a 1 gal plastic pot at about 2 weeks and began using the nutes listed above with the exception of the grow nutes. The C99 is very sensitive to nute strength so I had to cut back to 1/8th strength. Will be moved to the final 5gal smart pot pretty soon. Currently about 4-5" tall. Just did the first top right above the 4th node. Hoping to get at least 2oz off this one as well if I can.

Finally, the Auto Northern Lights, a freebie and possibly a night/weekend smoke. This was planted directly into the final 3gal smart pot 31 days ago, after 24 hours of soaking in water. Began using the nutes listed above about 2 weeks in. Got a bit of nute burn a week or so ago but seems to have stopped. Started showing pistols about 5 days ago and it growing quickly now, gained 1.5" overnight. Currently at 13" tall and looking good. I have not done any training/topping and don't plan to.

This is the veg cabinet where everything currently is. The light on the right above the NL has both the veg and bloom switches on now. The Kali Mist and the C99 will be moved to the identical bloom cabinet next to this one and have clones taken(seeds are expensive). So each plant will have a 2'x2' footprint and about 36" of vertical height available not including the pot. More on the bloom cabinet and air filtration later...

Feel free to comment, make suggestions, etc... Hoping I end up with the yield I'm wanting and the type of bud I'm after. Thanks!


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I've been doing some more reading and considering options. Would you guys say it's too late to lean the main stem over on the kali mist? Seems like the stalk is fairly stiff and I don't want to snap her. Would it help to improve yield or is she already going down a different path?

Also thinking about LST on the C99 as soon as I transplant to a 5gal smart pot.

The Auto NL appears to have gained another inch overnight and now has pistols on the main growth tip.


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If you do bend the main stalk over be sure to put an opposite pull support towards the bottom of the main stalk and that will prevent it from snapping in half. I use pipe cleaners but whatever you prefer. Once you get the bottom support snug then you can pull the top down slowly and more each time she gets too close to the light.


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Time for an update, after some ideas in my other thread I decided to go ahead and supercrop the Kali Mist last night.


Here you can see the growth tips have already turned upwards. I supported the main stalk with 2 wooden sticks. Today is day 34 from seed.



And here's a strange thing, there are trichomes forming on many of the upper leaves, especially the mangled ones from the failed FIM.


And here's a full view.


Next up is the C99. She got a bit of nute burn in early on but seems to be back on track. Today is day 26. I repotted last night into a 5gal smart pot. Fed with 1/8th strength nutes. Thinking about jumping up to 1/4 strength but I don't want to overdo it.


Finally, here's the Auto NL at day 34. Just fed the first bloom nutes at 1/4 strength. I believe the drooping leaves are from lack of water. I don't know what else it could be. This was all day, not just before lights out. The medium felt slightly damp a few inches down, but the pot was pretty light. I'm still worried about over watering. She's also growing pretty fast, just measured out at 17.25".




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way to go she is looking good now! great job on the sopercrop you can tell she is already recovering. look at the leaf tips and angles on the main stem. turning to the light! all good stuff man you are on the rite track!

the trichomes on the leafs in veg can be from many things. if light intensity is too high, if RH is too low, and just being under stress. and it may be stain spacific. I'm growing crystal from nirvana and I'm growing under 1000w lights and they have been under them from the seedling stage. they had been stinkey and producing trichomes up untill a month ago. this was no ordanary stink I'm talking full flower stink. it was shocking the amount of smell these little girls made.

christal is a cross of white widow and northern lights back crossed with northern lights. this means they are 3/4 northern lights 1/4 white widow.

anyway great job Qapla!

ps. Everything I've read on the veg trichomes is its the plants way of protecting itself from low humidity and burning from high entensity lights. kinda like how we use sun screen. but all say it's nothing to wory about!


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It's that time again. Been making some progress.

So the Kali Mist has been doing great since the supercrop. Today is day 39 from seed. Did a little LST to try to keep the canopy low. She is smelling kinda "skunky". Went ahead and took a clone, which will be turned into a mother plant if it doesn't die. Any ideas on how much longer I should veg her? Ideally I want to end up with a 36" plant with several colas and a great yield. She will have to stay right at 36" though, not much more vertical room available given the 18" light distance.

I'm thinking maybe another week or 2. She is producing alternating nodes, but no signs of preflower yet. I was planning on pulling down the tallest branches to keep an even canopy and switching to flower once I have an even 12" height. However, I am worried she may do more than triple in height. I've read where some people have flowered Kali Mist at 4" and ended up over 4' tall. I'm not in a rush, I'd hate to sacrifice extra yield if there is some to be had given my available height. Don't want to screw up, especially after 4 months or more of work. What do you guys think?




Next up is the C99 at 32 days from seed. Everything seems to be going great, starting to get a nice grapefruit smell. She has a bit of N toxicity I believe but nothing too bad, growing pretty good. VERY sensitive to nutes. Currently running the AN Sensi Grow at 1/8th strength. Just did some LST to level everything out, after I took the pics unfortunately, sorry...



Finally, the Auto NL at 39 days from seed. Growing very quick, currently sitting at 30" tall, 2.25" since yesterday. Seems to be doing great, I hope she doesn't get too much taller though. Feeding AN Sensi Bloom at 1/4 strength, bud ignitor at full strength, bud candy at 1/2 strength, and rhino skin at full strength.



As always, comments, suggestions, tips, etc... are welcome. :thumb:


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And it's that time again, got a lot of pictures this time.

So everything was going pretty good with the Auto NL and now it looks like this at 48 days from seed. Right at 30" tall.

Many of the leaves started getting lighter, usually from the center out. The veins are also getting lighter as well. I was advised that it was an Iron deficiency from pH lockout. Called AN and they said its most likely due to the salt buildup as well as possible problems from not flushing the veg nutes out throwing the balance off. And I always water til I get a good amount of runoff. I flushed her last night with 9 gallons of RO, then foliar fed some sensi calmag xtra and b-52. Probably going to feed tomorrow with 1/2 strength nutes. Hopefully I can get back on track and not suffer too bad on the yield.




Also got some trichome and bud shots. Looks like the trichomes are already clouding which would be kinda early right? Need to get one of those pocket scopes or something.



Here's the C99 at 41 days from seed. Not much going on. Looks like the topping and training is going to work out pretty good. No issues at all except for the claw on a few leaves. Sitting about 10" tall in a 5gal smart pot. Probably going to flip to 12/12 in a week or 2. Not sure how much my pheno is going to stretch.



Last but not least, the Kali Mist. Also at day 48 from seed. I just flipped to 12/12. About 18" tall in a 5gal smart pot. Got kinda worried it may get too tall for my space, but I should have a good yield. I'll probably just supercrop some more if I have to, doesn't seem to cause too much stress. I've also been curious about the purple stripes on the stalk and leaves. Not sure if its genetic or a nutrient/pH problem. It's on the Auto NL too.




Also, I took a clone of the Kali Mist 12 days ago. Not long after putting the clone in the mix, it leaned over pretty good. Propped it up and kept checking. It finally seems to be holding itself up fine, its still leaning though. Hasn't died or gone yellow yet so it must be growing roots by now. Gonna take one more clone tomorrow and make a small bubble cloner, hopefully one of the clones will live long enough to become a mother.

So all in all, I guess things are going fairly well so far. :thumb:


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How did the flush turn out?

Well, today is the second day since flushing and it was starting to show some new deficiencies on some previously unaffected leaves. I guess the foliar feeding didn't do too much. Decided to go ahead and feed again since she took up a good portion of the water from the flush already.

Going by the recommendation from AN's customer support I fed the following:
Sensi Bloom A&B @ 1/2 strength
Big Bud @ full strength
B-52 @ 1/2 strength
Bud Candy @ full strength
Rhino Skin @ full strength

I decided to finally get my pH & TDS meters out. TDS of the nute water was right at 800ppm. Oh, it also appears the pH perfect claim actually works. My pure RODI water was at 0 TDS and a pH of 6.92. 5 min after mixing and the pH was 5.84.

Anyway, hopefully this corrects my issues and gets things back on track for a decent finish. Hope I don't burn the hell out of it now.


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Anybody alive out there?

Time for another update. Going to break these up in a couple posts unless I'm not having any problems.

I guess we'll start with the Kali Mist, this is from last night, day 53. Today is day 3 of flower and starting to see a fair number of pistils and starting to stretch. Everything looks to be ok except for a bit of nutrient burn on the tips. Watered tonight with the following: Sensi Bloom @ 1/4 strength, voodoo juice @ full, rhino skin @ full, bud ignitor @ full, bud candy @ full.

Also, I'm going to start running a couple liters of pH'd water through first before feeding. See if I can help prevent nutrient buildup a bit better. I added some calmag xtra @ 1/2 strength as well as a preventative.




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The C99 is at 46 days, flipped to 12/12 yesterday. Just fed the first bloom nutes. I'm not sure if I'm having a bit of nute burn or a deficiency starting to pop up. I just fed Sensi Bloom @ 1/8 strength, rhino skin @ full, bud ignitor @ 1/2, bud candy @ 1/2, and voodoo juice @ half. I just noticed a couple pistils as well tonight.



Does this look like nute burn or a deficiency? I'm leaning towards nute burn.


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And finally, the Auto NL @ 53 days. This one is really driving me nuts. I posted a thread on it and it was suggested to be an iron deficiency, but I'm not so sure as it says iron deficiencies are at the top. I flushed the 3 gal smart pot with 9 gallons of RODI on the 20th, waited a couple days and fed 1/2 strength nutes and full strength supplements as suggested by AN. Doesn't seem to be getting much better, but not much worse either. Buds are fattening up pretty good.

Can anyone help me try to figure out exactly what went wrong with this? I know there's damage and the flushing will most likely have corrected the issue as well as possible, but it still drives me crazy not knowing exactly what I did wrong or what would have prevented it.

This whole thing started when I let the pot get really dry, happened pretty rapidly and I missed it by a day or so. I proceeded to water/feed at 1/4 strength bloom nutes and 1/2 to full strength additives. The next day I noticed a few of the leaves looking pretty faded, mostly the lower and middle leaves. The edges stay green while the inner yellows. The kicker is that the veins are yellowing, not staying green like most deficiencies.

I'm pretty sure the problem is pH related and is just showing multiple symptoms, but why did the pH drift or did it? Does letting a pot dry out too much mess with the pH when you water again? Did I overfeed and cause lockout? Did I not feed enough and got deficiencies? Did I get a pH shift from salt buildup(I water to ~15% runoff)? I find that one hard to believe as I've seen many, many threads that never flush until the end and have no problems. Plus I was only feeding at 1/4 strength. I also noticed purple petioles on top and green on bottom. Lots of people talking about this being an early sign of mag deficiency. I've got lots of theories, but still not sure.









Any help would be appreciated, I really don't want to make the same mistake again.


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Thanks man. Not much to be jealous about though. I wish I could figure out what went wrong with the auto northern lights. I'm sure its going to affect my yield.

Also been trying to figure out what makes some journals so popular and others not so much, can't quite put my finger on it.


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ya dude I hear ya it's lame not knowing what's going on. give me the day and I'll look deep into your journal. I may have some questions I'll post to help look into it.

as for what makes popular journals? I'd say it has to do allot with your posts. I've wondered the same thing myself. then I started watching my views and noticed they went up even tho no one posts anything. I just continue to post stuff anyway because I once was a lurker!lol. I find it ok for people to lurk. also I found it helpfull to follow other people's journals that grow the same or where there are very knowledgeable people at and pick their brains being mindfull of being on topic to their journal. pretty much just being active talking to other people and chiming in here and there. you will get people to know you and they will want to come help you out!

I say keep updating your journal even tho there is no response from people because this keeps it at the top of the list or at least in the last day of postings. people will see your journal pop up more often. I hope this helps Qapla! I'll look at your journal and see if I can help any. keep it up man the nugs look good!


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I say this because I had the same question and I've done what I advised you to do and I'm really starting to see people following.

I am by no means accusing you of any disrespect I hope you did not take any offense at what I've said! just friendly advice!
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