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Another First Time Grow


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Hey guys what's up, I'm here for some feedback and just to document my first cannabis grow.

Before I get started I just want to thank any and all who contribute and help me through this, it really is appreciated.

Ok so I have 2 northern lights auto seeds planted into one 5 gallon smartpot with Coco coir and perlite. Pre-buffered to retain magnesium. Germination was successful as well as sprout and first leaves for one of the seeds, will try and post pictures. Several mistakes made already such as paper towel drying out during germination (recovered from). currently the seed that has broken soil but still retains the shell was accidentally uncovered and promptly re buried where it then later broke soil on it's own. seeds were germinated 2/26/19 I believe, and broke soil March 3.

Grow equipment is straight forward.
Viparspectra 300w for veg and flower.
2'x4'x5' tent
and a fan 10" for airflow.
Have calimag supplement and I believe the Flora trio for nutes.

First picture is the plant that leafed, second picture is same plant 12hr later
Third picture is the seed that broke surface and still retains the helmet.
Thanks for viewing, appreciate it!



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they look ok , a tad too much light so soon maybe ? fluorescent lights would start them better , just a thought , ohhh a little fan blowing across them will make the stem nice and strong , the fatter the stem the more food they will get in flower ;)
Thanks for the input professor
I have a fan blowing in the tent just not directly on the plants yet. And I'll try dropping slightly more away from the light hopefully she perks up


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Here are the girls approximately 4 days from sprout. I helped the seedling finally shed it's shell off.

Picked up a thermometer to record Temps and humidity.
Humidity is high, around 58-70% (currently raining but have a dehumidifier in the mail just in case)

And temps are stable currently around 68-71°F

Appreciate any feedback. Also the girls are still only being watered distilled water.

Girl 1 still improving

Girl 2 recovering from being in the seed longer


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It looks great. Welcome to the group. Only issue I see so far is that you mentioned both plants are in just one 5 gallon smart pot. Starting off in the 5 gallon was wise since autos don't like to be transplanted but two plants in one pot is not good. You should separate them ASAP before their roots establish and tangle. If you try to grow them together you will have issues most likely. One plant might like more or less of one nutrient than the other plant and you can't feed them separately in the same pot. Also you will not be able to separate them pretty soon because their roots will tangle and it will cause a lot of damage trying to remove one later.


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@Greenlizard appreciate the suggestion man thanks I mocked up my grow tent and wasn't a fan of the light coverage across two 5 gallon pots. That was my original plan but I might stick this one grow out and get a second light (600w LED) and use this 300w as supplement lighting .
Only reason I did one pot is that I am hoping to avoid root issues but want to train the plants alongside each other to help maximize my weaker light


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End of day 4 here are the girls now

the only Change from the previous post was moving the light farther away

Looks like the first girl to sprout is working on her 3rd set of leaves? Second set of true leaves
The blackish purpling on leaf edge is concerning me though

Here is the slow sprout seedling now

It looks slightly damaged from growing with the seed stuck on but actually looks healthier than seed1.
The stem on this one doesn't move when blown on but the other one does.

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