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Another First Time Grow


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So I believe the fridge is going to work just fine. Rh is about 25-40% so I believe the bag will be crucial for slowing the dry a bit. Temps are 38-42. The 85% that's shown is from being taken out of the fridge and fogging up. Worst case, the lower rh dries them a bit quicker than the expected ~3 weeks


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Well guys, I don't anticipate too many more posts in this journal but it's been a very educational experience

Here is the more indica biased plant, 160g total wet. 22.4 of those wet grams are airy popcorn nugs

Here are the sativa biased nugs. Have yet to trim and weigh but will be updating in a few



Mostly trimmer cola, left some sugar leaves to slow the drying process


irie lion

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:high-five:Congrats on the harvest @barillaro!
Looks like you're going to have some quality smoke on your hands! :ganjamon:
Best of luck for the dry & cure.


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So sativa biased plant let me down actually. She was much bigger with letter nugs... But a lot more airy. 152 g wet total. 22 of those are popcorn nugs. 312 grams wet total, still hoping for that 2 dry oz mark :nervous-guy:
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