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Another First Time Grower Question (PICS)


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Hi All,

Question: Should I rotate?

My Setup
5x5 Darkroom 150 Tent.
3x3 Tray
Rock Wool in cloth air pots filled with hydroton.
1000W HPS
11 Plants
Week 2 of budding

I am starting week 2 of budding on my first grow. My plants are fairly big at this moment and am thinking I probably should have started budding a week or two earlier. The 3x3 tray is a very tight space so the plants are very close together. The pictures will show more however my question is should I rotate them? It is pretty hard to move these plants around and yes it may be possible however some plants have adapted to their current position. Say a if I move a side plant to the middle it may hide a lot of the buds that are currently on it. Anyways here are my pictures please tell me what you think. Not sure how this is usually done.



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I myself would leave it. From what i know and read is that its good to rotate your plants to even out the canopy and to makes sure all your ladies are getting an even amount of light , yours look pretty even and dont look like its necessery but if u want to I say go for it might help.


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they look good, how much floor space is taken up? opening up the canopy a bit might help the lower nugs.
you could turn the outer plants every couple days to even things up, but I think the reflective material will give enough light to match what's falling through the canopy.

Also, is that a radiant 8 hood? if so, how do you like the footprint/cooling? I just got one, but because my ballast didn't work I can't fire it up until tomorrow
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