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Another First Timer Green Crack Fem LED Grow


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Day 16 from seed popping out of the soil

Mini update today. Nothing exciting, just some growth but I thought I'd throw up a couple more pictures for those who care ;-)

I will take it out of the tent sometime this weekend and get some non purple pictures as well :thumb:

nice ,close nodes!


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Actually you want your preference when you decide to harvest. So if a few amber now then in 2 weeks will be more but no worries, the flush is a crucial step for smooth bud and taste.
Great info Mr

For my butter I use 1 ounce of trim to pound of butter. I boil to decarb and then low simmer the butter, and shake, leave at least 1.5 hours on super low barely bubbling, then strain, etc. My brownies make everybody happy!!!!!
Good to know :))


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Found your green crack grow just this morning thanks for the ride. I have some green crack (Crop King Indica variant) first grow just about ready to chop. Four plants with some variation on maturity between them all. I did a lot more triming on mine of the undergrowth and started soaking seeds on July 10th and didn't go 12/12 till Nov. Over all I guess I am happy but had a couple of hiccups along the way. My next grow in the spring I will change a few things with Green Gelato.


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