Another First Timer Green Crack Fem LED Grow


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Day 63
Day 5 of 12/12

Ok so pretty sure my last post tagging the day of 12/12 was wrong. Anyway, here we are day 5 and it was time for a water and feed.

She got lucky and had a chance to go outside for her watering session. I won't be around over the next 4 days, so hopefully all is well when I get back.


As you can see, my canopy is no longer even. And I'm ok with that at this point.


Back into the tent where she belongs

Bring on the flower!



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Day 68
Day 10 of 12/12

Small update today. Just a ph watering! She's still growing, and well Cant Wait to see some bud formation. But I know I'm a while from that.

I'd imagine a couple weeks left of stretch but I guess you can never be sure. Since I trained her and it's a mostly indica strain it might not be too much longer and much more growth. I'm hoping it doesn't end too soon though. By the way she looks now I also can see taking a few leaves from her once that stretch is over as well.




Thanks for looking!


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Day 71
Day 13 of 12/12

Probably could and maybe even should have waited a few days yet to do this but I started taking some leaves out, mostly from the center to allow some more light in and get the smaller guys going. Removed a couple of flowers that were struggling to see the light of day. Hopefully didn't take too much all at once and stress the F out of her. I also did some very light lst'ing on the outter branches pulling them outward, again to allow better light penetration.



She's starting to look sexy [emoji7]



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Here's my cks green Crack outdoors she smells like classic og pine very nice this plant is a beast very thick will be a high yielded for sure and seems to grow and adapt to outdoors very well easy to grow as well


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Here's my cks green Crack outdoors she smells like classic og pine very nice this plant is a beast very thick will be a high yielded for sure and seems to grow and adapt to outdoors very well easy to grow as well
Looks healthy as she can get! Nice work. This strain is one of my favs, excellent day time smoke if you ask me. And you're right the straim is very resistant!


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Thanks for all this. :) Yours a good grow for me to follow as you seem to be about 3 weeks ahead of me at the moment and i'm doing soil as well.

Getting seeds difficult in the great south land due to quarantine import to cast around friends from back in the day (im over 50 now :( ) for seeds. Actually did end up with some i'm told are White Widow and have 10 on the go at the moment with hopes for at least 1/2 females.

I had a few issues at the beginning with germination and the seedlings taking a while to get going. I suspect all a function of older, less viable seeds. 60 / 70% of the seed i got hold of never even looked like germinating. A BIG part of this grow will be to get a seed stock in place. Planning to make up a "spacebucket" type propagating box so i can do a very small SOG from cuttings i'l take after the flip cropping here i come :) .

Leave any males in that and get some regular seed. Then do the same same with all known females, hit a few branches with GA3 to get male flowers and let em go to feminized seed. Thats the plan anyway. :)

And then there is the whole "intervention" thing!!! Lesson from this grow so far?? Leave them alone till the have 4 proper nodes!

I hit them with 50 ppm 6-BAP early as i read a paper on BAP biasing sex expression towards females, and it will make em go bushy. I certainly have short bushy thing happening.

Then i topped above 3rd node, AND i started to LST by trying them over on their sides.

I have done some mild defoliation from early on but carefully to expose branch sites, and did top them again. Timed to be about 2 weeks before the flip.

Having that experience, AND seeing this journal, next time i reckon i will:

let em do their thing till they have 4 / 5 nodes. Then top/FIM.

Apply LST to the developing side branches, and careful, light defoliation applied.

Use larger pots, fewer plants (cool if i know they are all going to be females).

Move from MH / HPS (running 4 x 400w at the moment) to COB LED for the whole grow. From the PAR figures i'm measuring and whats quoted on the COB LED i want, it will cover the 1.2m x 1.2m area of my tent quite happily and draw in the order of 300W rather than the 800W i'm using now.

Will have to decide on light timings. Currently using the "Gaslight" method of 12 on 11 off with 1hr on in the middle of the dark cycle to stop flowering. Saves power.

All that said, from the look of your journal, you plant has grown bigger, faster than mine have. Maybe light cycle? Maybe the initial weaknesses of the seedlings? Maybe me interfering too much?? Will have to see how grand plan comes together and try to apply lessons learned.

Anyhow, thanks for the time your putting into sharing info. Appreciated.


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Hey thanks for stopping by! I'm not the best at adding a ton of detail to my journal like many others. Ive made a few mistakes that I'll try to avoid next time. I broke a off a top during lst, but think I've I made you for it in veg time. I also think I defoiled a little too early I into flower. But community here are available to help. You should start up a journal! I'll be adding a few more pics today, as she's thirsty so I'll need to take her out of the tent for a quick water. Still no idea what to expect in yield, but I'm exited seeing the buds develope and the trics start to appear.
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