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Hello, everyone.

I recently moved out of a very unfriendly state for growing into a much friendlier one, so I'm planning on starting my first grow soon. That's the reason I'm here, just to read up and learn what I can before I get started in a couple of weeks. I'm still shopping for supplies, and I'm looking at the superbox to start, but I haven't made a solid decision yet. I'll make the final call here in a few days, so if anyone has any suggestions for me to look at, I'll be happy to look and compare. I'd like to save money, but I want quality and it must be a lockable, scent-controlled hydroponic setup.

The state I used to live in had no medical marijuana access at all, and even growing a single plant carried a three-year prison sentence (mandatory) if you got caught, so I just didn't grow. Having any personal amount in your home would land you in prison there as well. Where I'm at now, we have medical access, you can have a personal amount in your home without being subject to prosecution by the state, we're voting to legalize soon, and I'm good to grow without fear of being imprisoned right now. It could be better, but I'll take it!


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Hi nugzy and welcome to the number one site for sharing cannabis awareness :420: :welcome:

It's great to hear that progress is being made. You should be able to get lots of feedback on any purchase ideas. If you don't get it in this introductory thread be sure and post your questions in FAQs. And also check out New Member Start Links for a really helpful guide to using and navigating the site.

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