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Another "is it ready yet" post...... i know, sorry!


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Buddy has G13 cheese (freebie), its his first time growing it. We looked online and not many people have grow logs or flowering times for these. The only two i found both said 50 days (which seems very short). Even G13 website doesnt state flowering time.

He is using a 600 hps in a 3x3 cabinet, 2 waterfarms and up to 1400ppm of fox farm nutes before flushing.

Anyways, he started his flush in the waterfarm on day 42, its now day 51. He has a 60x hand scope, we checked the trichs (on the buds only) this last week:

Day 42 - Flush, 10% milky
Day 45 - 20% milky, no amber
Day 47 - 30% milky, no amber
Day 49 - 40% milky, 10% amber, and 50% clear.
Day 51 - 60% cloudy, 10% amber, 30% clear

The girls pistols are 80% orange and most are shriveling and receeding. Buds are nice and full, leaves heavily covered in trichs. Leaves are still green, but tips are starting to curl up from the lack of nutes.

I told him i would wait, he thinks he should cut now. He wants a very heady high, so he is looking for more milky and less amber. We are both noobs, but he said amber is degrading and he wants to pick as soon as ambers show up on the buds. I had heard that clear trichs arent read and you would rather have less clear and more amber.

Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? Seems very mature for just 51 days.





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Thanks for the confirmation! I was pulling my hair out on what to do, i hear all the time noobs (like me) get imptient and take them down too soon.

They will be coming down tomorrow. I will post come harvest pics.

Thanks again JJ, +rep.
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