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Another LED question

George Mc

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I only use the veg switch for the first two weeks and then I turn both on from there on out. I'm afraid to burn the little seedlings if I leave both of them on from the beginning. Feel free to look at my current grow in my signature


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You know, ive seen worse. For the price, maybe worth a shot if thats all you can get. usually any white lights will do decent, but this is 110 watts at the wall, so it is what it is.

probably be great for side lighting for sure.

well, after reading further down, it says its 65watts consuption, so i dont know what thats about,lol..


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has anyone used the Vipar Sectra 450w light? it has 2 modes. veg and bloom. do i use just veg during veg only?
do i use bloom only during flower?
thanks in advance
I believe their lights are like ours, so during veg , you can turn veg or both swithces, and during flowering, turn both swithes,
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