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Another Medical Marijuana Dispensary Casualty

Jim Finnel

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Despite our weekend report that the California Patients Group was doing all that it could to stay open, and continue to aid the sick and the needy with care and medical cannibis, they will be closing their doors. Here is a portion of an email sent out today from Coordinator Don Duncan:

I am sad to report that we have decided to close CPG as a result of the economic and legal hardship resulting for this week's DEA raid and threats made against our landlord. This was a difficult decision for the staff and me, but we simply lack the resources to to keep serving patients at this time. There are still many compassionate and ethical medical cannabis collectives, and we will be glad to refer registered members to nearby facilities.

"It really sucks because that was the place with super good deals, super good crip and they were non profit," said an anonymous marijuana patient, "Thats the place with 15% off and then another 15% if you get a half oz. or more and another 15% on wed!"

We wish the CGP a farewell, and thank them for their outstanding service while they were open. And a big FUCK YOU to the DEA and the LAPD for focusing on legal marijuana activity, approved by the California voters.

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Goddess Arlen

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What is California becoming>?>>> A place to raze a few old hippies trying to make a decent living by helping others in everyway!

Love, Light, Peace,
Ganja Goddess


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This is sad. CPG is the sister MCD of BPG here in Berkeley. My favorite MCD and club. The DEA was busting CPG and others in the LA area with the help of LAPD.

Uninvited and with the DEA's blessing and support, I can safely assume, the LAPD took the liberty of coming into Berkeley and freezing the assets of BPG!!!

The fucking nerve. That would be like NYPD going to Buffalo and freezing someone's assets in Buffalo. Do you see how scary that is? :hmmmm::peace:

DEA=LAPD=Total Assholes!
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