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Hey folks, been lurking for a few days and finally decided to post. I have a lot of free time on my hands now since I broke my ankle almost 2 weeks ago so most of my time has been spent getting high, listening to tunes and surfing the net and I came across this site.
Just some random info...
Haven't seen to many like minded people but I love sports so usually when I'm high I either watch highlights or games on TV or play some intense NBA or NHL against my buddies, I think sports games are the best to play while high, the games seem way more intense. And when summer comes around nothing is better than heading outside on great day smoking a few joints and playing wiffleball or frisbee.
I like music almost as much as sports, listen to a lot of the usual stuff I guess, Bob, Bone Thugs, Kottonmouth, and Sublime among others, but the White Stripes are pretty much my favorite. Their albums are great but try and find anything live and you gain a new appreciation for them if you can find a good bootleg or just watch the Blackpool Lights DVD. Jack is so f'n talented it's ridiculous, I'll watch the DVD atleast once a week.
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