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Another oops


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moving my og kush tonight and notice one of my branches was bent over from the weight of the buds on it.it put a good creas in the stem.i straitend it out and rapped it up with a match book cover and rapped tape around it,than braced it with a bamboo rod and tied stem to it. will it make it or not???? sorry i need to get a dig. camera so i can take photos.:helpsmilie:

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It will be just fine. A form of supper cropping you did lol. Its all good. You will see a knot form there.


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Plants bending from bud weights?!?! That's a fine problem to have my friend.... a fine problem indeed.
Having said that, I've seen mighty weak plants grown indoors without a fan on them. The constant air movement really is required. It makes for MUCH stronger plants.
I've never seen these sorts of issues with an outdoor grow, so I assume we're talking about an indoor grow.
You might also consider some preventative support structure and tie your budding branches to a stake of some sort before they fall over.

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I normally stake most of my own main cola bearing branches in flowering to stop them flopping about :thumb:


Fuzzy Duck

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So Fuzzy Duck, :hmmmm: are you in the middle of harvesting them now? Beautiful buds!:36:

Those plants where harvested either early 2013 or some time in 2012 i don't normally keep journals of every grow these days in less changing strain !

Those buds all got the trim job on the plant prior to the chop 'n' harvest which was shortly done after the pic's where taken...

That was a Blue Mystic grow & if i remember correctly i think i was messing around with some soil amendments on that one with organic methods.
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