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Another Ton Of Pot Gets Nabbed By Border Patrol

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Border Patrol agents assigned to the Tucson Sector seized a combined 2,256 pounds of marijuana in two separate incidents yesterday. The two seizures, worth an estimated $1,015,200, occurred in separate locations of the West Desert.

Ajo Station agents used surveillance technology to locate a marijuana load hidden in the brush. Agents responding to the locations discovered 31 bundles of marijuana weighing approximately 1,625 pounds, with a street value of $ $731,250.

In a second incident, Ajo Station agents received a report of a suspicious vehicle traveling north of Sells, Ariz. Agents responded to the area and found the vehicle abandoned in the desert, loaded with 30 bundles of marijuana. The marijuana weighed 631 pounds, with an estimated street value of $283,950 was seized along with the vehicle. (Photos Available)

As a result of the Tucson Sector's efforts to disrupt and deny transnational criminal organizations from operating in the West Desert, smuggling organizations often abandon their drug loads rather than risk apprehension and face prosecution.

Since launching the Southwest Border Initiative in March 2009, the Department of Homeland Security has pursued a border strategy with an unprecedented sense of urgency, making historic investments in personnel, technology and infrastructure while combating transnational criminal organizations that smuggle narcotics, weapons, and people across our shared border with Mexico.

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