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Another trip to Hayward

Happy Kitty

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Earlier this week, we visited one of the clubs in Hayward. I found some deals, at least from the prices I have seen at the other clubs.

Purple fire and Grandaddy, 50 1/8. No deal here, but you can never go wrong with Grandaddy. I haven't tried the Purple Fire yet. The Grandaddy looked great, so we picked up an 1/8.

But I also found Orange Crush 280 oz., Godzilla 240 oz., and Super Skunk 270 oz.. For the price we decided to give the Godzilla and Super Skunk a try.
They were both very good. I think of the two Godzilla was the best.

But we did buy the Grandaddy, which put the other two to shame. It smelled sooo good. I did about three bongs and that was too much. I've heard of people getting paranoid when they smoke. For the first time in many years, I felt like that. But that didn't stop me from smoking some more!:bong:

The CARE office is next door. I am told if you register, you can pick up a free gram of hash at the club. I've been there three time, and sorry to say, have never caught anyone there. It would be nice to get some information, hash or no hash.:60:

Lots of security outside inside and out, but it's still not a great area. I would recommend a visit during the day.

One more thing...It was pointed out to me at one of the clubs that I got my MMC card on 4/20. Everyone thinks it's pretty cool when they check out my ID. And done purely by accident.

Peace and happiness:peace:


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Ms Kitty- is this the one where you can vape in the front room?

Happy Kitty

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Pinch said:
Ms Kitty- is this the one where you can vape in the front room?

Hi Pinch. I believe you are talking is the Local Patients Co-op, 22550 Foothills Blvd.. But if you go there. It is on the second floor. I have not seen an elevator, although they says wheelchair access till 9:30. I would really recommend calling there first.

I also went to the Garden of Eden, just a block away. That place was very mellow, had a big sitting area , and I am sure there is a vape. People were smoking doobies in there. The guy is very nice and helpful, and you get a free brownie!! lol. I wish I had stayed longer, but I went to too many clubs before I got there. I like this place because he doesnt care about volumne, he is interested in knowing his customers and helping them make the right choices for their particular needs. How refreshing! I really think you'll like this place.

The only other place i visited that you can vape is the Vapor Room. Woohoooooooooooo!!! I love that place!!!

Peace and a vaporizor:peace:

Happy Kitty

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I went to the Compassionate Collective Of Alameda Cty Wednesday.

Oh Happy Day!!! I found Purple Erkle for 280, and Romulan for 260 oz. I picked up and eighth of each. They both looked wonderful, very sticky. The Purple Erkle was total couchlock, and pretty much kicked my butt.I have never seen Purp Erk any less than 50 1/8th - no price break.

It was so good, in fact, we went back today. Wahhh!!! No Purple Erkle!!

But quick on my feet, I asked the person behind the counter if they happened to have any more. He thought about it, smiled, and came back with a lovely 1/2 oz. I paid my money and left, happy, happy, happy.

After 5 visits here, I finally found the CARE office open. I found out this place is for Care packages. According to the severity of your condition (?), you can receive a care package from 2 to 4 times a month. You have to have your recommendation with you (from the doctor). Each care package can include hash, bud, or edibles. They give you a ticket for one visit, and you have to go to the office each time. Since it took five tries for me, I'm not sure if it worth the visit just for that. Also, we went in , and found they had no more Care packages. Damn!!! So we kept the ticket for another day.

Considering we already got a deal, we really didn't "Care".

I also heard the Compassionate Collective offers Care Packages also. Sign up there.

Have a nice day!

Peace and Purple Erkle:51:


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WOW - that seems so crazy with prices like they are here in Southern Cal, I can't imagine finding an oz of erkle for 280, omg like id be selling my stocks to invest in weed LoL...

I mean were lucky to find good smokies for $350 at a co-op. I only know one place where it's that cheap, and from there it just gets scary, so enjoy that good stuff you got a good deal :48:

Happy Kitty

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After smoking this Purple Erkle today, it goes to the top of my list!!!

I give it a 10 out of 10:adore:

Peace and Purple Erkle:60:
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