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Antioch Approves Temporary Ban on Marijuana Dispensaries

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ANTIOCH -- The City Council unanimously approved a 45-day moratorium on marijuana dispensaries this week.

The ban, which includes mobile-delivery services and warehouse-style grow operations, gives city staff time to vet how different cities and counties are dealing with state and federal law, Community Development Director Tina Wehrmeister said.

State and federal law conflict on the use of marijuana. Federal law bans its use, and state law allows residents with certain medical conditions to use marijuana with a doctor's recommendation.

City officials sought the moratorium after learning that a dispensary opened last month in a shopping plaza off Wild Horse Road and Hillcrest Avenue without permits.

Only one person spoke at Tuesday's meeting on the item. Willie Mims, representing the Black Political Association, said he was not a marijuana proponent, but the decision denies residents their basic rights if marijuana can help ease their pain.

Jeremy Petrell of St. Augustine's Collective in Oakley submitted a letter asking the council to consider allowing a small number of properly regulated storefront collectives in Antioch.

The moratorium can be extended to two years, Wehrmeister said.

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Hey Antioch, how about enforcing state law and lettiing the Feds enforce federal law.
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