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Anxiety and Depression by David

Julie Gardener

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Anxiety and Depression by David​

I am writing to share my experience on the medicinal use of marijuana for clinical depression and anxiety disorders. I suffer from severe anxiety attacks and depression, I am currently on high doses of prescribed medication for both. The prescribed medication does help but only enough to keep it under control somewhat. With regular marijuana use I am able to alleviate my symptoms enough to lead a somewhat normal life. I also suffer from agoraphobia (strong fear of leaving the house or of any public situations). Without the marijuana use and my prescribed medication, I couldn't be able to do something as simple as going to the store, much less something as important as my counselor, psychologist, or physician. I feel the discoveries on how marijuana use effects psychological disorders is endless on the management of symptoms!

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Wacky Kush

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Individual results may vary

Thanks for sharing your experience with us here. But, is there any limitation or dosage for consumption of Marijuana for faster relief?
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