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Anxiety & Anger


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I've had issues with anger, anxiety, aggressiveness, and depression. I still do. But I find an Indica or Indica-dominant plant helps tremendously for the majority of my symptoms. For what my doctor calls PTSD, and I call a combo of rage, depression, fear, severe hopelessness, regret, and often voices, a slightly-sativa-dominant hybrid helps a lot. This, my doctor, who doesn't approve of my herbal self-medication, has said started because of the range of abuses I suffered as a child and adolescent. These included physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, as well as neglect. I have found that pure sativas help me feel creative, and more open to social interaction. Ideally, given time, I would like to have a range of different crops for specific ailments that I can choose accordingly. Lately, I've been having no consistency in medicine, little way of knowing what exactly I'm getting. This is one of the reasons I've been growing. I have been shopping according to my wallet's contents, though, and not according to my needs, as far as seeds go. In that regard, I tell myself I'm experimenting. I am looking forward to my KC 45, a sativa (with Ruderalis genes thrown in), to help me with a good supply for a while. That'll be some time though. My Kerala Krush is also sativa-dominant. I'd like to push a few indica-dominant autos outside. Indicas help me sleep and calm me when I'm having the most severe symptoms of wanting to go postal. Then again, meditation helps, too. It's not the weed itself that helps me always. Calm, controlled breathing helps too. But when I can't even control that, I usually can rip a chunk off a bud, angrily shove it in a pipe, furiously light and inhale it, and before I finish hacking my lungs out, I'm feeling better. If I can't even do that, and I feel I'm a threat to those around me, there is always the men in white coats who can take me away for a few days. Not sure if any of this info helps, but for some reason I feel better after typing it.



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Sativa helps me too. Some good happy giggly what was I worried about bud.

Lower THC helps me the most. Going to try something with more CBD and see how that works out.


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Exercise or some form of sport helps a lot.
If you're extremely angry,
roll a joint and slap pucks
at plywood.

All that built up energy needs to be released one way or another.


I use for such reason, any specific strains to use?
You have some good responses already. Blue Dream and Pineapple Express both take me away to my happy place, but I stay active and functional. Indica strains like Girl Scout Cookies or Skywalker OG chill me out and have my ass locked to the couch.


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Granddaddy purple worked wonders for me in combating my anxiety issues….So, you can use that. And Jack Herrer and Cannatonic are pretty good too. I’ve smoked them all and it has helped me bring some mental clarity and I don’t really feel that mental pressure now. If you’re confused.. I guess you can get an online medical card for best help. Just grab ‘em and chill!
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