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Anxiety attacks


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I was wondering if anyone here has had problems with weed and anxiety like i do. I have been smoking everyday for a while now but a couple weeks ago i went on a vacation that forced me to take a little brake and i started to have anxiety/panic attacks, but at the time i wasn't sure what was wrong with me because i had never experienced one prior to that, which leads me to believe that it was happening because i had stopped smoking. When i smoke it does relieve the anxiety if I'm experiencing any but i just thought it was strange that the first time i have ever had an anxiety attack was also the first time i had taken a brake from smoking. I'm not worried about the anxiety that can occur while I am high since I know that this can happen to anyone if your not in the right mindset, its just the fact that I get these attacks at random when I'm sober. Anyways, if anyone could clear this up for me i would appreciate it. I'm just hoping the weed hasn't brought upon any permanent anxiety conditions, thats what really scares me.

I made an appointment with my doctor just in case and i have stopped smoking all together and it seems that the anxiety just keeps on coming.


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i have mild problems with anxiety/panis attacks, i have only had them while high and only since smoking dayly for a few years so i thought the same thing, i went to the doc n he gave me meds n i hated them and stopped taking them and eventually i get over it, every now n then when it feels like the world is caving in on itself ya just have to sit back relax and shit smoke a bowl if thats wat works for ya....personally id rather do that than take a chemical that a "doctor" invented in a lab and tested on poor animals, i dont wanna fund that but thats a whole nother post lol

hope ya start to feel better....but remember every person is different and only you know your body the best so go with what you think is best for you remember were a bunch of stoners not professionals lol


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thanks rich, i went to the doctor this morning and he did give me a bunch of meds....yuck, but im still sort of hesitant about smoking right now even though i know it calms me down, just because I've only ever experienced this when i stop smoking. Im not really knowledgeable about any of this so i think i will just wait this thing out and hope for the best. thanks for the reply:peace:


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You could have an anxiety condition that has just come about, no relation to the weed. Also, there have been studies about weed helping to bring certain mental conditions to the surface, though I don't know if that includes anxiety, or how spot-on those studies are.

Depending on how bad your attacks are you can control them without meds, but sometimes meds are the only thing that helps if they are extremely bad.

It also helps to try to figure out what could possibly be bringing about the panic attacks, as some people can have panic attacks brought on by stress or things like that and once they deal with it head on the attacks start to reside.

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I have had a mild anxiety attack when I noticed my stash getting low. I try and save my smoke for times when I know I'll need it, but sometimes I get the timing wrong.

It's always better to figure out why you are having the anxiety in the first place. I found writing things down (When and were) helped me find out what triggered me.

Just remember lots of people have problems with anxiety, whether they smoke or not. Keeping track of it is a powerful tool in fighting it.



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I'm in the same boat as you man.. Three months ago I smoked a joint of a very potent mixture in one sitting while just relaxing on my deck. Prior to this I took about a 3 day break because I just wanted to bring my tolerance down. I smoked everyday for about a year and 6 months and pretty much had a ritual going on.. as in everyday I got off work I would sit back, relax smoke my roor, bubbler or bowl and on the weekends I usually smoked all day. Anyways the day that I smoked that joint I started to feel very anxious and then started to have a panic attack.. and I think that. the joint just opened up the threshhold for this to happen because I had been dealing with some much stress about my health and job and school.. etc. etc I started to have these aniexty attacks on and off for awhile just thinking about stupid things that never bothered me before.. I went to a doctor but never took the meds because I'm not really about that.. I've been free of aniexty for a good 2 months now.. first you need to figure out what is causing you to have these.. either stress build up or thinking about something too much or a phobia.. after you startd to find the causes you need to come face to face with them and get over it mentally and you will start to feel a lot better.. trust me on that.

Things like that don't just happen for no reason and marijuana is definatly not the cause because people that don't smoke have problems with aneixty also.. there is a fine line between your mind and your body and when you are mentally unstable and have so many thoughts in your head sometimes that can affect your body where your heart starts to beat faster, you start to sweat and things get blurry and you don't feel good.. the symtoms are very simular to having a low blood sugar and thats what I thought I had in the beginning and worried about that for such a long time which brought about the aniexty... as of today I haven't smoked in 3 months.. I want to but then another side of me doesn't..

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