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Any Benefits To Our Pets? Help!


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Please, if there is any advice on this, I'll take it, gladly! My pup had what I believe was a seizure tonight. Too late for the vet, so I gave him asprin and am sitting g with him now. He's understably worried and tense, like me, and has lost most of the use of one hind leg. That aside, is there anything to suggest that CBD edibles has any affect on seizures in animals?
Look, I'm not married, no kids, have an ailing mother for company. My dog, Morgan is MUCH more than a companion.
Please help.


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Thanks, Grimmreffer. I just feel so helpless till I can get him to a vet. I'm reaching out wherever I can.
Thanks, Andy.


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Thanks for asking, Grimmreefer. So the Vet is keeping him tonight. He's leaning toward him having had a neurological episode. Possibly botulism? He's a little perplexed by the partial paralysis. One hind leg has feeling, but no conscious motor skills. responds to stimulus. If his liver is okay, they will bombard him with prednisone and antibiotics along with fluids. At least one of us got some sleep last night.
As of a half-hour ago, they hadn't gotten the lab results back yet, so no meds yet. Just an IV. It's a wait and see thing. They were happy that made it through the night. A good sign. I'm still a wreck. I haven't been to bed yet. Morgan was sleeping most of the night. Poor guy. It took a lot out of him.

Thanks for caring, Grimm.


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Naw. I haven't been to bed yet. The boy kept me up all night worrying. So I just haven't had time. Gonna take care of the girls for the night and probably crash.
As for the dog / people ratio, you're being generous @ 6! Lol.

Take care, Andy.


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Well Mr. Grimmreeper, it's been a little over 5 weeks since Morgan had his episode. The vets think it was a blood clot on his spinal chord. My buddy is back with me and walking! Yeah.:) :slide::31: He's not 100%, One hind leg is maybe at 80% of use. But he's here and no bad side/after effects. That's what's important...
You take care, Andy.


I do realize this is an old thread, and OP has not returned in a while.
If this is not correct here, let me know, or simply remove it.

I wanted to relate to readers, what we did to save a family members Chihuahua dog from death by PhenoBarbital, that had worked fine for a while.
Their vet, had prescribed the PB for the dogs seizures and tremors the dog started to exhibit about his 2nd year.
Seemed to be doing fine, then about year 4, they came back so the vet increase in the amount of PB.
But the vet warned them, the dogs size will limit how much they can increase before it's toxic to him.

The owners, came to me as I have openly talked about MMJ and it medicinal values, to a family very closed minded about the issue.
Since my wife is a cancer survivor, I have dabbled with tinctures and oils for quite some time.
I told them there is very very little reading to do on the subject of dogs.
BUT, I'll see what I can find.

About a week later they call me in tears, the dog is seizing again, and doctor dont give him much hope past 6 month to a year, as they must increase the PB.
I had read a blog, of a breeder of a certain type of dog, was giving some of his dogs raw ground cannabis plant material in their food for intestine parasites, if I remember correctly. However, I had no access to raw plant material.

So, I measured out some light airy buds we buy for edibles from a friend, and used 1 ounce of polyglycol and 1 ounce of vegetable glycerin to 3 grams of airy bud, placed it in a pint Mason Jar, with a lid on, but not tightened real tight.
Placed that into a water filled crock pot on a timer, set for 4 hours on, 4 hours off, and cycled that for 7 days, shaking the jars violently each cool cycle.

We did not know how much to dose the wee thing, so we started with 3 drops, 3 times a day.
He seized although that first day, still on PB.
The second day, they saw the seizures being very reduced, and still trembling.
Day 3 we increased to 5 drops 3 times a day. That is where we found relief for him, not perfect, but no seizures and a very mild tremor.

So we stayed there for a couple of weeks, everyday got a bit better than the last.
Next step was to see if we could ween him off the PB altogether.

We increased the drops to 7, and in 1/4 amount reductions of the PB, over a few weeks, he was on just tincture.

Now for the side effects: We always know there will be trade off's.
The dog, from the first time he started the PB, he had a strong food bowl issue.
Was a bit funny before the kids came along, not so much after the kid takes a bite due to his hand being on the EMPTY bowl.
The dog also, hated people. And little people more so.
He would bark all nasty like, then leave the room if you came into it.

When we got to the 5 drop stage, the owners started noticing he could care less about his food bowl, full or empty, the kids could take food out of his mouth and he would just stand there looking at them.
He started to jump up and sit with the kids, he started to play with them.
He started to sleep with them on the floor, when the kids would fall asleep.
But the best for the owners, he lost the desire to do all the persistent barking at noises outside the windows.

He is on his 3rd-4th year now of the drops, and no Phenobarbital!!

So yes, there may be some help for some dogs. BUT I do not recommend dosing of any animal just to see.
This dog was going to die, this was desperation in the owners part. We are all thrilled the wee one is still kicking.
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