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any british growers to offer any advice for first time outdoors


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so basically i have had 2 out of 5 random seeds in my back garden i pulled 3 out of 5 up as i just wasn't happy with growth that and they was in the same pot and i didn't feel i could transfer them without damaging them or killing them they looked crap so i uprooted them and left 1 plant in the pot which is now starting to smell cheesy like so im guessing it is of the G-strain variety or so i am hoping secondly my south african plant well that is a different story this originally started in a friends back garden in 4/5 cm of british soil in which grew quite long and spindly at first but has now gone onto be one of the best plants i have had the honor of taking care of for the last month i have gone from letting them just have rain water to rain water and a mixed feed which is vita link A and a separate bottle of vita link B since i have started the plants have thrived dramatically my cousin has popped a few times and has cut all the main heads off the plant while they are both in vegetation which has resulted in epic growth it seems like the south african likes been trimmed back and is booming from both the weather watering periods i'd just say its basking in perfect british weather my questions are i have this south african about 2-3 ft tall in a 15l bubbler grow bucket filled with normal garden soil canna coco cubes and also some cheap expandable coco fibers the soil and canna cubes are mixed in at 60-40 and the cheap expandable coco fibers where soaked and seperated and layered on top of the medium mixture the plants take a regular feeding every 2/3 days depending on if it rains or not if i get a decent week with out rain it gets watered every 2 days sometimes 3 with 1l of feed inwhich half a litre drains away in the air intake pipe of the bubbler bucket my second plant the random british G-strain is around 2 and a half foot really skinny but just started to bush a little same methods have been applied to both medium weather and feeds it has been trimmed twice in its lifetime this plant is very smelly very dark green lightens up abit drawing closer to the new growth never had a problem with nutrient burn nor have i had a bad bug infestation in around 2-3 weeks i buy a bug infestation kit to get rid of everything to get ready to bring it indoors before the cold season arrives my biggest question is what are the chances of my cuttings taking outdoors and also what can you suggest in the future for better production and more growth i will post photo's soon of these fine ass babies


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South African sativa will never finish on time in UK due to the weather. You're gonna have to start forcing it now or bring it indoor.
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