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Any full grow DWC root builder additives?


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I'm looking around for something I can add into my rdwc system that will increase root size/bulk throughout its 4 month life.

I see people talk plenty about certain ones but it's always used for seedlings or clones. I want massive bulky roots by the end of harvest, anybody have such experiences with any additives/extras?

Currently I use GH nutes with hydro guard, big bud and bud candy. Will also be using overdrive towards end of harvest.


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I don't know much about rdwc but I use Great White throughout the grow, not as often in flower just a few times in flower.
Plant Success make Orca which is more suit to hydro


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Armor si general hydroponic will grow amazing roots. Also general hydroponic rapid rooter works amazing. But it’s all about the water. And keeping the Rez clean
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