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Any GHE Floratrio user that could help me out?


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Hey there, i could need some recommendations on how much nutes to use out of the three in the floratrio. Based on the original brand recommendation chart i mean. How much do you start with during seedling stage and when/how much do you increase with during veg/early/late Bloom? This is my first grow and im pretty new to this whole thing so alot of details is highly appreciated lol. Im using cococoir w perlite

Cheers :):Namaste:

Chris Scorpio

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18yr old...I mean I have pimples older than you

That said

This is what I use, basically half strength
Seedlings go half of this

I assume u pH yer water, water Coco daily with nutes, assume ya have read all that, right?

Be sure u mix micro 1st

Good luck


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The drain-to-waste nutrient schedule wouldn't be better than the recirculating for his application?

You have pimples at your age, lol/wink? Think I had one when I was 18. Some of my clothes might be that age, though. And I still occasionally find myself listening to some decent rock from the '80s and think, "That's getting to be a few years old now." :rolleyes: .

Hey, EC, did you rinse the coco coir (very well) and prep it first? I suggest you not allow it to completely dry out while growing a plant in it. I'm thinking it might end up "latching on" to calcium or something if it dries and is "re-wet," but I might be wrong. I'm also thinking that if it does dry completely out, and you then start trying to wet it all again, that you'll probably end up with some dry spots here and there throughout your media that don't seem to "want" to become wet again. I could be wrong about that, too, though, IDK.

By the way, are there any non-evil criminals? That seems like an oxymoron to me. I mean, some of us break the law now and again (and again, and again, and... ;) ) - but we're not criminals.


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yes go with the drain to waste feed schedule
I use the nutes dosage exactly as per the chart
only reason I might go 1/2 strength was if I was pinching pennies
never had anything other than bumper crops
Same here. I do exactly what the schedule says for both hydroponics (RDWC) and soil. If I see tip burn I back off. Of I see deficiencies I feed twice in a row.


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Sure. Might be best if you post a grow journal thread here:

Sometimes, someone will notice a developing issue before the grower does. There is a stickied thread in that section about how to create a journal.
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