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Any HVAC Experts? Design & Load Calculations


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I have been considering the following options to regain control of HVAC in the house. Water Cooled is a Requirement.

1. Used Chest Freezer 14 Cubic Feet as combo Reservoir / Chiller. If load is too great I Simply add a drop in Aquarium Chiller or an in line water cooler.
PROS: Inexpensive and 120 Volt
Cons: Heat Transfer remains Air Cooled so I only "Shift Load" in the house.


PROS: Inexpensive With Massive Capacity. Reservoir Size almost limitless so further expansion for cooling ANY AREA of the home is possible.

CONS: Requires adding a 220 sub panel, not a big deal, Requires a Reservoir and aquastat to maintain reservoir temperature.

3. Install Spot Cooler water cooled. "Pump & Dump" water cooled HVAC Self Contained unit. Same as a portable but it transfers the heat OUTSIDE the house. Install A Small Aquarium Chiller Air Cooled in the Water Cooled Space.

PROS: Easier Install, No Large reservoir required.
CONS: No way to USE the heat as I could with a Heat Pump. The pool heat pump can be piped to preheat my hot water heater and in the future, may be used as supplemental heat for the house.

I am leaning towards buying a decent used pool heat pump and installing in in the garage. A Large COLD Reservoir would be placed in the garage or in a closet space. A Separate hot water reservoir would hold the heat drawn from the room, dissipated via a truck radiator and a fan drawing air across the coil.

Any Suggestions?
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