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Any ideas on set-up for a 4x2x8 closet?


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Im living in TN and my pops and is in AZ and medical MJ just got legalized and is wanting to grow in my closet in my old room. I have some Bubble-gum Kush seeds and some OG Kush seeds. So Im looking for something cheap and easy for him but will be produce good product?


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I purchased a Black & Decker tool shed, lined with Mylar, PC fans and the adjustable shelves are great for starts, veg & flowering low growing plants. Recently upgraded the cabinet with more fans and a HPS light and moved the veg to a closet lined with Mylar and a curtain made from a couple of those reflective blankets they sell for camping.
I also live in Az, the hard part from May to November is keeping the heat down, so lots of fans help. Cooler air & CO2 collect at the bottom so a small fan blowing up works great. Ventilation at the top keeps the heat down and an oscillating fan in the middle keeps the plants strong.
Fluorescent lights produce a lot less heat, but to get the fat tight flowers, you really need the HPS. I use a 150 watt for 2 plants for flowering and it works well.
Hope this helps, Regards Deacn
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