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Any Norcal growers out there? Bug question


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Hey all, been a bit since I've been here. I've got a few small outdoors I started in July, one clone, and one seed I germed in May, under indoor floro. Seed is White Rhino, clone is OG Kush. Had to stay small to keep things chill due to privacy issues. Hate that issue.
Anyway I've got some fliers hanging out in my plants. Small little suckers that fly out when I shake the main stem. Some leaves have scattered white spots on/in them like the tissue is damaged, and little black spots on top that smear when rubbed. I assume that's the shit of whatever is hanging out.
Local shop set me up with some Organocide spray about 10 days ago. Worked but they're back. Hit them again tonight.
Should I worry about it? Not sure how much deeper into flowering I want to use this fishy smelling stuff.
Any other suggestions to eradicate these little buggers?
I honestly don't care about 100% perfect leaves, as the plants stand up tall and are very healthy. On the other hand I don't want something to get out of control as we near harvest time next month.
Using FoxFarm OF with GH simple FloraNova flower. Also molasses and GH KoolBloom. Max ppm so far is 1100.
Thanks all :Namaste:


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Try SNS series.
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