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Any one know anything about Easy Boost Organic Nutrition


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Hello all, i have a particular problem being out of UK and not got regular access to many nuts, and all i can get is basic soil from garden centre - but i have come across this "
Easy Boost Organic Nutrition " From Royal Queen Seeds. its has 121 reviews and everyone says its good, but i am always wary of reviews.

My Question is, would this really suffice as a easy as it sounds solution with maybe a growth and bloom boster added in. Has anyone ever heard or even used this?

here is the description -

Easy Boost offers users a complete feeding solution for their cannabis. A single dose of Easy Boost provides enough food for 10-12 weeks, meaning you feed once and let Easy Boost do the rest! The Easy Boost 100g pack is an ideal dose for 2-3 plants, and will help maintain healthy growth and encourage generous yields. 1kg of Easy Boost is enough to feed roughly 20-25 plants.

The Vertafort Growth and Blooming booster are complements to optimize the results of each stage. They are totally compatible with the Vertafort Organic Nutrition.

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I have a closet full of nutrients all claiming to be great. You have to find what works best for you and even then you will search for something better.
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