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Any suggestions for any future tests?


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Hey all. This is my first post because I was searching different topics and found that this forum kept coming up with helpful posts.

I recently applied for a job with a large company. As with most, they have drug screening policies, although oddly enough they haven't mentioned anything about a pre-employment screening and I start this Monday (possibly because of my history and military background). Also, any test that will be conducted will be done at a hospital and department in which a family member's specific job function is urinalysis supervision. Now, that sounds like I'm in the all clear to sneak in another person's pee in a jar, but I'm overcautious as usual.

I haven't smoked much lately. The last time I did will be about 9 days from Sunday, and the last time before that would be exactly a week. Those are the only two times in the past two months I've smoked, so with enough water and workout (plus I am doing an all-natural detox this weekend coincidentally) I should be fine. My concern is more about future tests at random, or in case I'm involved in an accident with a company car.

Here's my plan:

Purchase a Pissinator. In addition to this, I also plan on ordering two Powdered Urine Test Kits from testclear.com per year (as they are only good for 12 months) which are supposed to be real samples of clean and disease free human urine, but freeze dried for prolonged and easier storage. I plan on keeping one Powdered Urine Test Kit on my person while at work, and another at home.

If I'm supposed to have a drug test that is random or scheduled, I would know plenty of time in advance to prepare my supplies to (hopefully) pass with flying colors. However, if I get involved in an incident that involves an almost immediate urinalysis, I might not be able to go home and get the Pissinator to use during the test, meaning I'd hopefully be able to pour the container of urine into their test container.

Basically, I'm asking for any advice that may help assuring that I will pass my drug tests every time regardless of where and when it occurs. I'm open to suggestions from what companies to use, to how I should store the Pissinator in my personal vehicle if need be. Thanks guys!



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That's why I was asking. I'm not totally sure what would be my best options as far as being able to continue to smoke and staying negative on any urinalysis I take. So you're suggesting to get that Quickfix detox and a Whizzinator? I'll have to give it a looksey. Thanks man!
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