Any update of uploading pictures onto our journals?

Teddy Edwards

420 Administrator
Staff member
We are working on it right now as top priority.

Sorry for this frustrating problem.

This issue only applies to the app. Just don't use it. You have 3 other options:

- You can use Google Chrome (our recommended browser) from your smartphone/mobile device
- You can use a laptop (Mac or Windows)
- You can use a PC

All these options allow photo uploads. We are continuing to work on the fix for the app.

Here is the link to the web gallery where you upload photos:
Login - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery

Thank you for your patience.


Chris Scorpio

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It's been like this for ages now its a joke to be honest. One won't be using 420 anymore.
It has been a week, and it's been a challenge behind the scenes for sure

But an entire site reconstruction does take time and is full of unknown challenges, trust me I've done a few myself

I have faith it will be sooner than later when it's fixed