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Any way to identify bulb wattage?

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New to me set up, ballast can set to super , 1000w , 750w and 600w. ( was set on 600w) 2 bulbs m/h and a hps. But I have no clue on what watts the bulbs are one has a 6 b marking on the inside .. any suggestions ?


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A bit more info would help.

My ballast for example auto detects and can run both bulb types. If it is an SE bulb you could measure the length and know. Is it a DE bulb?
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. Se , de ? I'm not sure what that means , lumetex ballast lk 1000 , it will run both mh / hps,
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Yup that looks like an SE :3:

But a measurement would help. I am guessing that is 1000W but without measurements that could be a 600W. The hood looks a bit small for 1000 but that may just mean it is a nicer hood.