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Anybody ever use growl led inc. lights?


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First let me explain my situwation with the people and animals that I live with
I cant usa a tent set up( the 2 cats and my 80lb doberman will desroy it )
So unfortinlty I must go with somthing like the cool cab but I must use LED lights and I'm wondering would it be to much led lights if said that I used the growl led 300 pittbull full cycle herb pro g2 and 2 100w growl led boxer herb pro g2 down the sides of th cool cab? Any help would be helpful.


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You might want to take a look through the grow journals on this site if you havent already. There are some LED grows in there. That would at least give you an idea as to how many lights are neccesary for your grow and what they can yield.

I feel like a lot of people are trying to take advantage of the LED grow stuff. A lot of companies coming with LED fixtures so its a buyer beware market in LED grow light department. Do your research because the retail is expensive for all, but some companies skimp on the craftsmanship or bulbs.
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