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Anybody ever wondered this?


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Ours owns a golf course. Turns out they'll foreclose on anything, if the owner stops paying the loan due to mismanagement of funds and, err, a hefty c0caine habit :rolleyes: .

But what's an agway? I suppose I could Google it, but someone called me on the ol' shoe phone yesterday to ask if I had any ideas as to what to do about black mold, and after a 15-minute conversation about mold during which I mostly said "IDFK" in various ways, today I noticed that that @#%&ing Google screen crap to the left of my home screen is full of articles about mold remediation. Causing me to realize, yet again, what a bunch of spying motherf*ckers everyone at Google is. Therefore, I'll probably have a really pleasant dream about setting the Google HQ on fire and standing in the parking lot so I can shoot anyone that runs out to escape getting burned alive. And that'd make me kind of a hypocrite if I turned around and used its search engine when I didn't absolutely have to. So what's an agway? Agate driveway? Some kind of parkway? A jewel of a parkway, lol? A gemstone highway?

Man, I miss Alta Vista. Now there was a search-engine. You want to find a webpage that mentions sativa, has the word "potent" no more than three word positions away from "sativa," and has the word "haze" at least twice? No problem. But Google bought it, to kill that competition. Didn't incorporate half the search functionality into its own engine, of course, since - at that point - it didn't need to...
Get used to it , google that is. Corps are going to run the world. Gluck in your struggles chum
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