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Anybody got any great April 20 party stories


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Hey everybody April 20 is personally my favorite hollidayand I have fond memories of 420s past.One 420 not too long after my wreck I was at this great huge party,I was getting form one puff circle to the nent on crutches when this littel hippie girl I had never meet stopped me and told me I looked like I could use a massage.Not being stupid I agreed.Where the party was,was on acres of rolling hills and where the hippie chick started rubbin my shoulders was in a valley.Well within minutes kind people started lineing up making a massage train with me as the cabooss.Now that was cool in and of itself but a few years a friend brought me a newspaper from their campus and there was a picture of that scene showing all the people snaking up and down the hills and little old me with this shit eating grin on my face.So remember all the great times and share.


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sweet 420 man. more stoner moments should be captured on camera. then people would see the beauty and happiness it can bring. who is it, nokkia? that has the picture town. they should give out cameras to all the stoners and show the pics to the world. all hazed out and not able to see anything but still rad to the max.
i cant seem to remember any of my 420s specifically. a good sign i got way too high on those days. last year me, my friend, and my uncle sid went out to a river and walked around the forest for a couple of hours and then waded down stream.


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I spent last 420 sitting on my friends roof, hiding behind a huge tree, blazing all day and wishing the passerby below a happy 420!


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I have a bong party on april 20, the rules were, bring your own homemade unused untested Bong and 2 grams of pot, you could check to make sure it was sealed but couldnt smoke anything in it b4 the party, we had about 14 pple so an ounce of pot, i made a nice block of hash and cut it into 4 pieces, after we all smoked the bongs we would judge by best toke and most interesting, and the winner of each would get a portion of the hash and we smoked the rest... man best party ever.. anyway
the bong I made was about 1.5 feet wide and about 2 feet tall budwieser cooler that looked like a big can, I made it into a 6 person bong with ice water and a massive bowl, i wish i had a pic, lol it was awsome the different bongs pple made.. one guy made an electric carrot pipe, even though it wasnt a bong we let him in lol, i cant remember them all, i was really really cooked, the bong that won most interesting was a large cieling light cover, it was most of a circle with the flat top he had hand carved a cork to go into the top, it was a 2 person bong, the part that made it most interesting was that it was almost colorchanging glass, when we put the water in the bottom was blue and the top was green metalic type, and when the smoke in it, it was so cool the way the whole bong changed color, the bowl was about a foot and a half at the widest part of the body. i cant remember the best toke bong... thats prolly why it won lmao .. anyway thought I would share my story, cant wait till next year, i have an electric guitar bong to make :)
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every year on April 20th my high school would recieve a bomb threat, and we'd spend the whole day on lock down. not exactly a happy story,
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