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Anybody know?

Hobos Bandaid

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anybody know if i can get medial marijuana for my schizo affective? I live in new york by the way. not sure if they can register you on the med marijuana list for this illness, so this is why i come to you.

Hobos Bandaid

New Member
well i read that there are no medical marijuana despenseries and what not in new york because there arent any pro medical marijuana laws here. but i did read up on schizo affective and how the cons outweigh the pros of this illness, mainly schizophrenia types (2 subtypes to schizo affective). It intensifies the symptoms and what not for schizo types. I myself have the depressive type and i risked a lot messing with marijuana after negative sessions in the past. but ive been doing a lot better now in the present, i even enjoyed some great vibes yesterday which after a few years i started smoking again.

I dont know....i need to convince my psychiatrist into putting in motion what needs to be done for me to get medical mj license in new jersey, where there already is a whole system and what not out there. I dont know where to begin though, online? but where should research begin? google? i guess i need some advice, and also a push in the right direction, so if anybody out there cares enough, help me out, k? thanx.

Captain Kronic

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I feel ya HB... I really do, I wish someone else were answering this thread instead of me.

What I found w/a quick Googling is that typically, the onset of paranoia is made worse by smoking MJ... this is true in many but not all w/ schizoaffective.

Unfortunately, the only help I can give you at this point is to say that they (whoever they are!) are looking very closely at the bennies vs the negs of MMJ for peeps w/SA.
Google that shit and you will get plenty of info that will hopefully allow you to make a sound/educated decision!

I wish I could help more but... truth is, there isn't a whole lot of concrete science to go on at this point... none that I would be comfortable recommending!

I hope the best for you in your search!


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I can sorta help with the fact I live in NY as well bro. I suffer from depression and few others symptoms I need information myself about. I do know one doctor can recommended too or about another doctor. I'd say start asking doctors for referrals. If you have a diagnosis already that fits a profile. A recommending doctor may be able to refer you to a prescribing doctor. But I know for a MC prescription you need to be a legal registered tenant of that state. In other words you have to qualify for that state's State issued ID (Driver's Licence/ID). Hope that helps, wish I could get a response on my question along this line...
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