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Anybody use these lights?


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if your only place for lights is depot and your space is small
try a CFL floodlight/security light 60 watts or more

look at the lumen output if its listed if not get highest wattasge
you can find

you can DIY a HPS or MH security light but theres other options

try HTGSupply.com i got good service from them and no problems on returning a meter got digital both mh and hps
from them and had no problems

they have DIY ballast kits about 60$ for 400w HPS if you feel comfy doing your own wiring up if you go with magnetic
ballast theres a new phillips bulb supposed to rock
call ceramic metal halide HPS retrofit doesn't work in digital
made for industrial /warehouse market but check it out
[advancedtechlighting.com] it works in S51 /400 watt ballasts
will be getting one if a second chamber is built here

but anyhow check spectrum charts out
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