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Anybody using Scotts?

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I found this and was wandering what you thought about it. Here's a couple pictures of the bag. I added 1/2 tsp. to my 7" pots and they seem to like it so far.
Not sure with Scott's but from what I've learned anything with a slow release isn't the best because it stores nitrogen and other salts that will burn later on in flower. I may be wrong, but I know that with certian soils like miracle grow it typically does the same thing. Give it a shot and be sure to flush on the regular just to be safe.
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It says that a full dose lasts for 2 months and i gave them a 1/2 dose. When i put them into flower then I should find something else? I saw a bag of Vigaro that said 17-17-17 could i use that for flower? My plants are 6 weeks old and I must say since I've used the plant food so far they have gotten greener and fuller.
I would recommend getting nutrients either at a hydro shop or online.

17-17-17 wouldn't be ideal for flowering.
definitely go to a garden shop if there are any around you, if not do a ton of research on here. I just started a new lineup with dyna gro, dyna bloom, cal-mag and liquid w8 (for flower only), my plants are loving it! its always best to have lower levels accordingly when it comes to nutes. too high will burn your leaves and they will turn brown at the tips, yellow and get really crispy. Some good brands are General Hydroponics, Dyna Gro products, Fox Farms (but must be careful with burning) etc.