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anyone been caught w/ bud?


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About 2.5 yrs ago I had two cops show up at my door looking for a person that didnt live at my residence......:11:. I had just burnt a nice cured bud and the house reeked of fresh herb. At 4am in the morning they returned in their black pajama's and proceeded to tear my house apart. In the basement they found my grow with 12 mature ladies, 1 huge 4'x8' scrog 2weeks into flowering w/ 4 plants in there and 17 others in veg stages of a breeding project. Not to mention the lb of product they found in jars in the kitchen...lol. Basically, I was in a pickle. They charged me with a 5th degree feloney and to make a long story short it got busted down to a 4th degree mistameanor. $1500 fine and 18 months w/ unsupervised probation. Today I learned alot from that experience. Should have done a few things differently and listened to some people but I learned the hard way.

Wow, Joe. That sounds terrible. Did they overexaggerate your grow in their report?
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